it's really only a replica of blather at the moments, but it will grow. Check it out and let me know whatcha think.
p2 1) "Warning: Unable to jump to row 0 on MySQL result index 5 in /users/ on line 93"

2) i could also do without that pop-up

3) how do you add new words?

4) the formatting on enter.php seems messed up on my screen (1024x768, ie 5.5)

otherwise, it's nice.

are my eyes playing tricks on me
are does the text area change as i type?

nice effect.

oh yeah, and fix the date values
it's all 00-00-0000
User24 1) yep, I know, I need to remove something from the database
2) me too, will cost though.
3) coming soon
4) will take a look
date) as above
textarea) AFAIK, your eyes are playing tricks.
screwing for virginity when you use enter in a blath (for lack of a new word) it doesnt recognize it, thus it puts everything on one line.

but other than that, verry nice.
User24 ah yes, nl2br() needed (smile and nod).
I shall do this tomorrow night.

p2, you're html trickery is now fixed, I don't believe I overlooked that! esp considering it's the exact same bug that blather has ( user24_test_site2 )
User24 p2) update:

not sure what the date thing is all about, it works fine on my local copy... must be my crappy (but free) server.

and enter.php does look crap, I'm still trying to figure out a nice way of displaying nodes/links
User24 all good and -really- ready now.

you can add to existing, and create your own nodes. I think that's the major bugs out of the way now!
p2 1) login.php is 404
2) title reads: "nodeWorld vVERSION"
3) does nodeworld have all the weaknesses of blather?
(html in the name, but no '='; 50 character limitations;
4) feature request: clicking on the user name to find past node entries
5) are you messing with me or do you really not see the pattern change in the text area as you type?
perhaps it's my laptop refresh rate or something
hey, don't make me start digging through your code!
6) feature request: resort the list according to most recently posted on
7) bug: i was able to post to node_id=69 even though it doesn't exist
User24 1) yeah, login may be working tonight
2) not sure why..
3) There's a 13 character limit on node titles, no known limits other than that
4) will do
5) No, It looks fine 2 me!
6) nice one, will do
7) yeah, check out node0, I already found this one, I was thinking of keeping it so you can create 'secret' nodes

what cold shoulder? or was that just a testy thing?
User24 you'll be able to live chat with me tonight, at about 9pm BST (i'll put details on how to do this on the website) 030506
p2 re: cold shoulder

i was trying to put up actual content
rather than the usual
"nice site"

it wasn't directed at you ;p
User24 I C.

you bastard.

(just testing :) )
User24 if you see this within the next hour (it's 8:33PM uk time) please try the chat thing again. 030506
screwing for virginity uh...
i cant go to nodeworld. is it down for a few mins, or is my comp stupid?
niska i like it! 030507
User24 it seemed to be having a few problems yesterday, up now, though. (still no login, sorry) 030508
minnesota_chris does it do anything that Blather does not? 030508
User24 it will do a lot more 030508
Toxic_Kisses I'm typeing this as I Go though it:
Ack! I must highlight everything in the first to pages so I can read it Black on dark gray ins NoT Good and I keep getting a pop up page from yahoo about "cool web Search" bla!
Light Gray On dark gray is good and I LOVE how you date things! I'm far to lazy to fig out the way things are dated here @ Blather
I like how you have a chatter thing for just any random thing so that if what we have to say isent in any certin topic or subject that we can find you can just put it here, not only that but it doesent seem to make chatting w/ others such a fo-pa like it is here in Blather. I Adore the Private Nodes idea!
altho I was wondering about the blocking thing, I mean what about freespeach and all that jazz? after all you could just block what some one said simply cuz you don't like them, thats not right, I don't like the blockig feature.
and in detail what edzactly do you mean by "so you get to choose how nodes you create look" will we be able to controll the colors and font type is that what your sayin?
The second Chatter is takeing FOREVER to load! gerr I have no time to wait and see whats in it

whats wrong w/

gerrrrr! Must go Times up!
User24 The color issue is one I'll be sorting out, my home monitor, it appears, is much lighter than any other, from work it looks crap, too, so consider that done.

the popups I can't help, although next month I'm getting broadband and a static IP address, so I'll be able to host nodeWorld on my home PC (wow!)

I don't like the dates here either, so thanks for the support there.

Chatter and Private Nodes are 'officially' in the spec now, so they'll be coming

I agree with what you're saying about freespeech, but I want to keep control of nodeWorld with the people who make the nodes, however, you will be able to choose, and change, the type of node, as detailed below:

OK, time for a detailed explanation of the big picture, which I have been witholding from everyone (mainly because I've been too busy coding it to actually sit down and plan it)

1) Community Node
- everyone's allowed to do anything they want

2) Locked Node
- read only

3) Private Node
- password protected read/write

4) Secret Node
- No-one even knows it's there

5) Access Controlled Node
- you get to choose who can write, based on the noder answering a question, if the people already in the node deem it to be a suitable answer, that person can come in

6) Moderated Node
- The node creator can delete /deny messages at will, however, I may provide an 'appeal' link, where the message will be highlighted and voted upon by whoever wants to.
(I'm still not sure about exactly how moderated nodes will work - what do you guys think? Drop the idea?)

All nodes will also have the following options:

1) Free theme
- every user can change the appearance of their writtings, font, color, size (within limits) etc, you'll also be able to link to external websites.
If I get nodeWorld hosted on my local PC, you may even get to upload pictures. (I've got a 60Gb HDD, so I'm sure I can dedicate 5gig to your files)

2) Locked theme
- the node creator sets the style of the node

Nodes will also have the following features:

1) News
- an option, to display a panel to the right of the main node window, displaying news headlines, set by either the node creator, or members of the node, depending on a) creator's wishes, and b) type of node

2) Links
- the quintessential part of the internet, you can link your node to others, and others can link their nodes to yours, these links will be displayed in a similar fashion to the news window, again, this is an option; you may choose to have your node linking to nowhere, or deny other people the right to link to your node

3) miniWorld
- nodes that can only be accessed through your node, eg click on node 48, and be presented with a gateway to other subsections of node 48

That's about the size of it, so please be patient with dribs and drabs as I code them, and pleasepleaseplease make your suggestions.

I'm not going to be uploading anything for a while yet, just doing development on my local machine, but every time a feature becomes usable, I'll tell you about it and upload it so you can see.

I'm sure (and maybe this is just because I can't see the wood for the trees) that this will be a success, and I cannot stress enough how important it is, both to the project, and to me personally, that you all keep faith and keep trying to blow it up. Personally, I'm looking forward to the day when p2 can't find an undocumented feature.. (that's a complement, by the way)

Thanks to everyone for testing it out / giving critiscisms {sp?!@#} - you will all get a mention of the thanks page, when it's all complete.

Oh yeah, and I'm famed at work for creating incredibly hard to understand interfaces, so don't be suprised if you have to learn a whole new language in order to make your text blue, for instance. <g> (I hope that grin worked)
User24 as I am actually quite lazy, if anyone wants to do a design and /or create html for the nodeworld, zip it and email to and I'll make it a theme. 030509
User24 is working on login now. 030518
User24 as you may have noticed, I temporarily fucked it up.

(my ftp clietn crashed half way through and I was tired..)
TK I LOVE IT! or @ lest the Idea of if it! Tuly can't wait till its all up and funshinal!! Exp The Private and News part!! *does a lil happy dance* 030521
nodeworlder Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /users/ on line 137

Warning: Cannot add header information - headers already sent by (output started at /users/ in /users/ on line 139
Please go to login.php
nodeworlder further errors on this page
nodeworlder cant get into site at all
third time have tried
screwing for virginity i went there today, and all the nodes were gone and there was no place to put new ones.

i signed up and signed in (i like that you put that in), and the same thing happened.

was that supposed to happen?
Mahayana cant even sign up... keeps looping back to the sign in page and i also get the error messages that nodeworlder is getting as well 030605
User24 oh!




actually, I kinda lost where I was going with nodeWorld, and replaced the whole thing with something much much better, check out, If I'm online, you'll get to it (it's being hosted on my actual PC at the moment, though I will upload it at some point)

Sorry to everyone who was wondering what was going on with nodeworld, and don't worry, most of the concept behind nodeWorld is still in project2501.
User24 oh, and if you do visit, check out my diary page, and make a comment 030617
User24 project2501 is offline 030617
User24 project2501 online 030618
jane it's not working for me 030618
User24 yeah, it's hosting my own PC, so, between around 9pm to 1am weekdays, UK time it should be online (yes, I will get my arse in gear one day) 030619
User24 offline 030619
User24 online, login working, you can register and change colours! woo! 030623
User24 ah.. login not quite working...

you can edit other people's stuff..

ah well, make comments on my Diary page..
trixie i can't login after i did a pretty lengthy life story...

I'm lilsariec
User24 yeah login is a bit buggy, I'm going to work on it tonight (It'll be offline for about 10 hours as of now (9am Uk time) 030624
User24 nodeworld has been replaced by:


no major bugs, live 24/7, check out the blathe.
what's it to you?
who go