so fucking lost i was asleep
i have slept for years
and now i have been kissed
by the sharpened blade of cynicism

i awaken, bloodied and sore
but feeling more alive than i have in years
unhinged we won't have any more of those
you made sure of that
the day you walked away
expecting to come back
without stopping to look
and see
now there was a wall
between you and me
that once you cross over
i won't let you back
without stopping to look
that i wasn't quite as weak
not quite as forgiving
somewhere i had found the strength inside
to go on living
without you
your phone calls mean nothing to me
but the fact that i used to let myself
be used by you
and so many others like you
that i used to run to the sound of your voice
but i don't need you anymore
to affirm my inferiority
i don't need you anymore
reitoei yesterday is forgotten dreams gone by, tomorrow dreams yet undreamt. now the dreams are as solid as can be. and that is not very solid 020210
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