celestias shadow This is without a doubt, one of the single greatest movies ever made. Tim Burton rock on... 031219
realistic optimist halliburton_curtain 031219
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unhinged i always thought of making christmas cards for my math teachers of the chalkboard that jack had scribbled equations of christmas on trying to scientifically deduce the meaning of christmas. somehow, i never got around to it.

on my twenty first birthday, i sat watching it after much kind bud and cheap wine in his basement and i realized that the backgrounds were real. in all the times i had watched in the theater and at home, i never realized that until i was under the influence. drugs and art and understanding go hand in hand. people don't want to admit to that. for me, it is a classic beyond classics.

i guess there's something in the wind
that tells that tragedy's at hand
and though i'd like to stand by him
can't shake this feeling that i have
the worst is just around the bend
and will we ever
end up together?
no i think not

i put nightshade in his tea
to let myself out
to get myself free
and while he's sleeping
i don't have to hide anymore
but every dawn
i come back
locking myself back in
even though he looked right at me
he had no idea what he could see
and what it was
that kept me on
no idea at all
what kept me on
kookaburra That I Jack!
the pumpkin king
have grown so tired of the same old thing...
silentbob what's this!? What's this? There's something very wrong! 040815
estarocks i like the movie 040816
kookaburra what's this?
there (are) people singing songs
...i downloaded the soundtrack yesterday...good stuff
silentbob i've decided from now on i'm only going to refer to it as:

what's it to you?
who go