blown cherry I stepped into the cold night air,
only to find that it was not
the cold night into which I was stepping.
What greeted me and filled my lungs
was fresh and cool.
Awakening me from a dream,
rising me from the depths.
In this bright new world
there is reason to be awake,
reason to open my eyes widely,
reason to fill my lungs
with that sweet and cool oxygen,
time and time again.
blown cherry the nihilist Nope, I was wrong,
as usual.

Just caught sight of something beautiful being reflected off a piece of glass, refracted through a shower screen, and bounced through the cobweb off the curvy stick-on bit on the rear vision mirror.

Alone again in the same old dark, cold, and very lonely place as I was before.
Joana. If living is seeing
I'm holding my breath
In wonder, I wonder
What happens next?
A new world, a new day
To see.

{Bjrk, Sjn, Lars Von Trier}
blown cherry Caught sight of the reflection again.
But this time it came towards me,
no more was I chasing the flitting spark.
As the reflection bounded up to me, I reached my hand towards it,
and here
I awoke,
through the other side of the
looking glass.

My new world has returned to me,
and more solid a foundation do I feel beneath my heart.
SvenStyxNero they cannot live without silly ideas of light without darkness when in truth they co-exist. keep weaving marvelous plans and mythologies, i don't think you should reprimand those who refuse to accept your fairy tales. maybe we each have our own love story and i guess that is just how it has to be.
you cannot force someone to believe something they cannot see, accept, or if they hate the fundamental idea for whatever reason- that's life
blown cherry deary deary me.
Let's see how long this one lasts.
It seems unstable at a particularly fundamental level, collapse may be immanent.
blown cherry maybe one of these days I'll stop talking to myself 090709
re_alisma this corollary was kind of a sad addition. i puzzled over that "if living is seeing" line a little too profoundly, for a bit.

but i had walked out on the movie when they were going to kill her, because I had was too raw from just having been in Turkey (too much at once), and so perhaps i deserved that Listen To Me payback.

and as it turns out i definitely go_there all the time, now.
what's it to you?
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