imposter The sun will still rise tomorrow morning, and I still have to get up. No matter what.


I have a tattoo -- Japanese kanji, heiwa, I think its spelled. Means peace. I want more. A circlet of Arabic writing around the other bicep, peace love peace love. A Celtic love knot over my left breast. 1 Corinthians 13 in the original Greek, wrapped around my left arm.

I will tattoo myself with love
Spare Change Every days a new day just like the day before and all my ceaseless wanderings have led up to this door. Tomorrow I will wake up just like I always do. Tomorrow will be a new day and I've so much left to do. 030905
Lemon_Soda There are no days as we normally would percieve them. Just a slow transition from one thing to another.

I stayed up to feel yesterday become today when it was still today then.

I didn't feel it.

I stayed up again and watched the clock to see 11:59 become 12:00.

Still no differance.

Day is just when the sun is up. Its no different then yesterday, or tomorrow.
niska this town.

even if that doesn't ring true - you've been all over, and it's been all over you.

it's a beautiful day.
don't let it get away.
snuff so does that make the object with my name something special, or tagged, or cookie-d too death?

i can check things out
there is nothing wrong with that
there is another identity crisis
Mr. ~ It's a ~! 071019
u24 blather_dawn 071019
kung Fu Mr. -- ohhhhhhhh i didn't know ! 071019
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