andru235 recall me like a the faulty product of 745824.6534 and 639425.745710523 that i am, big daddy # 2 !!! 051109
andru235 *gasp*

no one had blathed yet under "neptune" ?
andru235 *clutching trident to chest*

oh, glorious you!
oh, glory glory glorious water guy!♫
mister big ♫ hydro hulk
your rings, so great! triton! triton!
oh, you hydric giant, you! la la la! ♫
super blue! O ye-haw! shh. grrr! ♫
do doo doo, ch ch ch la la la! ♫
let's snuggle, my avuncular amore ♫
let's snuggle, in memory of nostalgia!
la la la! ♫
haw om i! hiw am u! hew im a! la la! ♫

[[[ thirty-eighth stanza from Chansons d'Neptune, for TBBkB chorus, op. 679,524,051,024,752,257,899 #5167 by Poseidon ]]]
oren Everybody! 051109
misstree i met him this weekend
and boy did he roll out the red carpet
starting with gorgeous weather,
and gasping views,
a hundred different beaches
all within a few hours
and anenomes
and a jetty
and osprey and pelicans and vultures
and dunes and grasses
and cliffs and round black rock
and lighthouses and an outcropping
crowded with tuxedoed birds, and
seals lounging on an island just out,
three of them floating, noses and
great big eyes, one studying me,
and as finale, though
the devil's punchbowl was empty,
he put a whale nearby instead.
out of season, even;
it must have cost him a fortune
not to mention the sand dollars
(or fractions thereof)
i collected.

that neptune,
he sure knows how to make a girl feel special.
amy nada when it hit the sun, all was a-dazzle.
now that it's near the tip-top midheaven, i am terribly bored and fear I have defused its Universal Solventness. (whoops)

I am reading a lot of Freud and a little bit of Jung, though. authority figures, you know.
what's it to you?
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