roxy the man who taught me to begin having a sense of unity from thought to thought. 000209
MollyGoLightly I've never read prose that is more disarming than his. 000521
Brad oops... this is the proper spelling. 000621
grendel let me say it this way (if i may)

she has shaken me from this stagnant rythm i have been locked in, sitting here gathering dust and rust, spiderweb soul.
but it troubles me so.
to know.
that when she was still a child long before her path wuld ever cross mine, i was exploring the outermost regions of experience on a wide and sweeping campaign of promiscuity and illicit chemistry.

she is nearly twenty now and i am just past twenty-eight.

but experience has made me old and timid where i was once brazen and cocksure.
grendel (please don't stand so close to me) 010107
me insanity is a cruel prostitute that everyone sleeps with. 010109
me the sane are the ones that pay her off. 010109
unhinged i've been way into russian literature for the past year. i will pour myself into more worthy outlets. library here i come 140523
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