continuous ache we light the candle again...there's coke on the table, a razorblade, your Action Ambulance straw. your business is slow, your street is actually sort of peaceful [or as peaceful as the ghetto ever gets]. the ritual has begun.
it doesn't seem to matter how much we open ourselves to each other, we repeat the ritual anyways. and there is always something beautifully new, intriguing, something i haven't heard. i never get bored with it. and my thoughts flow like water, and time washes away. we burn through the hours like seconds. midnight becomes dawn and the sunlight catches us unaware. and now we're closer still. the ribbon that connects us has been woven with another strand. it's so evident when my eyes meet yours. the wave of emotion, understanding, connection, is like an electrical current, a live wire between us.
and i am certain that we have been given a special chance, an opportunity that few have been offered. anyone can be in love, this is so much more. what we have is ancient, unfaltering. love is shallow, and i never would have known. no, what we have is everything. eternity in a touch. even when we make love i feel the difference, and i know you do as well. i'd never even be able to explain it to anyone else. no one would understand, but i don't care. i know you understand, and that's all that matters.
gatorbabe i hit the blather button and in a few moments of swirly descent it disappears with a gurgleburp to a larger pool of thought where thoughts float around like bumperboats crashing into one another and the stench is delightful. 020430
Mahayana [{unfortunately somebody didnt pay the bill}] 020430
frAnk amber, you should write more. you are very good. 020430
Tildan I concur. 020501
continuous ache wow. *beams* thanks guys.

frAnk, honey, what have you been up to? we haven't talked in ages.
c shut the fuck upp! 020503
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