starved and the sky may be blue... 020526
jessicafletcher but i can't continue knowing these things... waiting for something new. when all along i thought it was true.
ahh how i love to rhyme. i should be a ghetto bomb-droppin freestyle rapper... i now feel guilty for walking in on your private hell.
thinking is my private hell. it's torturous, really.
bethany not everyon's hell is all fire and flames
the real hell is your life gone wrong

if i was sitting in my house gone wrong
near the gone wrong roses
watering the wrong plants
wallowing with a grin
and my eyes pouring black
would ya come in through the wrong door
and make it right

i dont think you could save me
i dont think you move me that much
i'm afraid i wouldnt be aware of all the wrong things
i wouldnt be afraid of missing you
andrew i have my own

and sometimes this world makes me think of it

i don't like being reminded
notme ring the bell the fire is out 031205
Born Again Chroma "Nice decorations. The oh so shiek pink curtains are to die for." 040408
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