User24 Well, I'm now going to take my usual amount of weed and talk you through it.

This should be fun ;)

As usual, I'm quite excited about getting high, a real feeling of anticipation, I'm almost shaking (though that's probally due to the cold (it half eleven at night, no heating and I'm sitting here in just a T-shirt))

I have about an inch square of generic, bog standard weed resin in front of me, well over half an ounce, it was an ounce originally, but, of course, I've been smoking it. I'm using a large pipe, similar to a bong, so the effects will be greater and come on quicker than when smoking joints.

I've now burnt off a fair amount, crumbled it into my pipe, so here we go...

It's taken about a minute to feel the first effects, and I'm only about half way through the smoke.

The only thing I can really feel so far is a burning throat (3 mins in) Finished smoking, the preliminary effects are coming into play, mild confusion (what am I typing again?) My typing is becoming worse and worse (I originally spelt 'worse' as 'qridr'!) the physical effects are just starting now, 5 mins in (slight dizzyness, mild loss of hand - eye co-ordination) - but then the physical effects are less with this weed anyway (the last bit of weed I got made me lose control of my arms and legs - random muscle spasms at one-second intervals!) paranoia has set in big style, not helped at all by the presence of a police helicopter RIGHT over head, literally shining it's searchlight into my study window! I'm sure it's not me they're after, we get them all the time over here, but it is worrying. Which is interesting, because I know that it is completely impossible for them to be after me, but yet it still worries me - irrational paranoia, one of the more odd effects of weed.
Physical effects are coming into play more as well, I'm feeling short of breath.
User24 And finally, after 12 minutes, the desired effects has been reached - Severe thoughtfullness. (I just had a revelation about breaking a cipher I've been working on recently, and now have confirmed my beliefs about it even more.)

Euphoria is peeking around the corner, too, sudden inexplicable periods of total and extreme happiness, along with unexplained giggling fits, a feeling of immense pleasure with oneself.

Just spent about 30 seconds re-reading this, and, unnoticed to myself, was also repeatedly cracking my knuckles - another odd effect it seems to have on me. My obsessive/compulsive tendancies are showing themselves a little more now, I'm fiddling with everything on me, scratching and itching, which is a bit weird.

My eyes are getting dry, a sign of de-hydration, along with my mouth, which is feeling sticky.

Now is the time I am entering the gates of heaven - all the world is open to me from this point, all of the previous effects were merely appetisers, preparing for the feast ahead of me (don't know where this poetic shit is coming from, by the way, sorry about that!) What I mean is that from now on, I can pick and choose my reality, just close my eyes and I can imagine anything - this is the really good part of weed, all the previous effects are boring, I just notice them more when stoned, now, I can visualise anything I want, to the exact detail. When I get very stoned, I don't even have to close my eyes. Euphoria just burst in there, shaking my whole body with pleasure - arcing up my back. (27 mins in now) Just spent a minute thinking. In fact I can't stop thinking now, so I'm going to have to stop explaining how I'm thinking, and start writing what I'm thinking:

Weed is like landing on a new country; you can stand in one place and go "wow, this place is so cool", or you can explore and say "wow, this place is cool"

The difference between the two is simple:

person a, who stays in one place, will feel exactly the same as person b, who explores, but only for the first few trips to the country, after which he will feel bored. person b, however, will continue exploring on every trip he goes on, and so, it will take much longer to get bored, and he'll find out many new thigns on the way. And once he's done everything, he can do it again to reminisce.

Likewise with weed, if you only do the same thing each time with weed (I mean mentally, not physically) you'll soon write it off, but if you try new things out with it each time, you'll see it's full potential.

It's now 35 minutes in, I just spent about 3 of them slowly leaning from one side to the other, peering very intently at the floor from a bizarre angle, at one point. My brain seems to be slow at doing simple things, and very fast at doing complicated things - eg I just spent a minute trying to work out the difference, in minutes between 11:38 and 12:13 (to see how long it's been) but just before that, was thinking about some very deep topics, such as thinking about how dope affects my thoughts, whether it slows my thoughts down, so that they become misplaced, and somewhat random, or does it speed them up, so that whatever it is that processes my thoughts cannot keep up with them, also producing the same effect?

I've also just been thanking my thoughts for being there, and being nice to me, and generally helping me through life. Yes I hear voices in my head, but they think like I do, I can understand what they're saying, and most of the time I agree with them (if you think I'm mad, ask yourself this: how many time have I heard people talking whilst thinking, saying something, and stopping in mid sentance and saying " no hang on, that doesn't make sense"?

It's just peoples thoughts having conversations with themselves, you listen in on them and decide which one you agree with. I think there's 2 or 3 distinct personalities in my head, or maybe there's a whole rabble of them, and also a sort of doorman, controlling which thoughts are allowed in my head and which aren't?

Hehe. There's a whole colony of space aliens in my head, telling me what to think. (I'm taking the piss at this point, I might add)

Anyway enough frivolity

Back to the serious discussion of how high I am.


probally because I'm writing about it, so I'm noticing it more - I'm probally just as high as on previous nights, just that on previous nights, I'd be busy philosophising by now. You know, I really wouldn't care if I knew that there was something else making me think and it's not coming from 'me' - I believe that most of what we are, in fact possibly everything, except our thoughts, and whatever they are contained in, is simply physical, it rots when we're dead, and the atoms are re-used to create other things. But our thoughts are extra-physical - beyond our bodies, perhaps, they exist without any physical needs - the comatised patient still thinks, the dead body, too?

I've just re-read that paragraph, and apologise for the humorous juxtaposition - talking about how I'd have been philosophising by now, and by the very next few words off I go chatting about the nature of thought.

1 hour, 1 minute in, the effects, as you can possibly tell, are getting more intense still.

A two minute thoughtless pause, and then a sudden desire for more weed, encompanied by a mild anxiety about being too tired to get up for work tomorrow, a slight feeling of pleasure when I look out of the window and see the town sprawled out ahead of me, a black outline against a purple sky. (yup, you heard it folks, he thinks the sky is purple at midnight.) giggles again, now, maybe it's wearing off already? I did have a little less than usual.

In fact, usually, I have about half as much again as tonight, and then around tonight's amount later on, effectively, therefore, I have taken about 2 and a half times less today than, for instance, yesterday. (From now on, call me prefessor...)

A porcelain elephant on the windowsill just looked like a rabbit for a second, the first minor hallucination of tonight, that was fun. My mouth now tastes foul, so I'm off to get some more coke (that's cola, not cocaine, in case you were wondering...) Another slight visual, My computer monitor seems to be firing tiny golden fireworks out of the screen. That was cool.

That's better, my mouth is nice again.

I think I'm going to go to bed, it's very cold, and I am quite tired, in bed I can warm up and think, while slowly falling asleep. Sorry to cut this short, but you know how it is.

That was fun, I'll have to do it again sometime. Maybe I could start a whole website for stoned people, where you simply skin up, log in, and type about it. I'm sure hundreds of people would love to, and it'd also be a good resource for people to learn common effects from a user's point of view. I might have to do that website.

I can hear a faint buzzing noise, somewhere between wasp and bee in pitch. It's very annoying. (And yes, there is a difference between the way a wasp sounds and the way a bee sounds - I had a wasps nest in the roof above my bedroom when I was younger - I've had a very good ear for buzzing noises ever since. I hate wasps, don't mind bees, and detest mosquitos. I simply cannot sleep when one's in the room. It must be captured and released, removed from the premsies by other means, or die. In fact, mosquitos are the only thing I feel no remorse for killing mainly because I am, as they say, shit scared of the little bastards, which somehow justifies my killing them. Don't quite know why!

It appears I am not in bed yet. How very odd.

It's now 1:12AM, I can't work out how many hours/minutes that is since 11:38PM.

Thanks for listening, I hope someone find's it interesting!
User24 jesus christ. that was my longest blathe ever. 030319
minnesota_chris sounds like stonertalk 030319
cube I was a bit surprised at my own reaction while reading that piece. I gave that lifestyle up for my woman a few years back. I'd been smoking for so long I didn't really expect to be able to stay away but, I have.

I was expecting to enjoy reading about your trip, to enjoy the camaraderie of shared past experiences. Instead, by the end I was thankful I'd given it up. I was lamenting all the time and money I'd wasted, lo those many years.

I understand completely the euphoria and realize too what a powerful addiction it is. The danger lies not in physical addiction but, for the active mind, the release from boredom and the rebirth in the joy of the mundane.

You will accomplish much less over the course of an all too brief existence and find yourself having to make up time lost in persuit of - nothing at all...
unhinged dope

but sometimes i don't want to pursue anything. i just want to be. and be happy.
User24 I agree with you cube, the danger is in finding an all too easy release from boredom.

However, my description was not of an an average trip of mine, I think because I focused on analysing the effects, rather than enjoying them, it came across differently to my usual trips, of course, it is impossible to portray the feelings of being stoned in words alone, and I'm not even sure if it can be done. I was trying to give an objective view of being high, not simply saying "wow, man, I'm so stoned", which gives no insight, but instead saying, this effect is happening, and now this one, and so on.

I still believe that weed is fun, and good for you, in moderation.
User24 I certainly prefer it to alcohol, which clouds the mind and the body. 030321
jane that was quite interesting...

a couple of years ago i had some cocaine in my possession (okay, i bought it) because i wanted to try it once. i thought about it for a really long time before i tried it...talked to a lot of people who had already done it. finally one day i decided to do it because i might as well, and i decided to write down my experience. it starts in moderately normal handwriting and becomes increasingly more jagged and angular. i don't know if it turned out exactly as i expected, but here it is:

i just did coke and my hands are mouth is falling asleep (right now it's just the tip of my tongue and a little bit of my upper lip and a little of my bottom lip and of course my right nostril

tongue is numb because found straws used to do coke. sniff sniff as hard as i could to get whatever coke i could. when i tasted it i got the biggest sense of relief i ever have had in my life. damn i have been overcome by one twin dragon. [dragon doodle] got sucked into those dots. motorcycle_driveby is on. it wells straight from the speaker to my brain. coke has kicked in. i am writing very fast. la la la la la la la la la la la la i can't stop writing because it's so fast so fast. i've never been so alive. coast rain alone salt pain you again those were supposed to be lyrics. oh well, song is over anyway. fuck me i'm addicted. tongue feels good though.

and those were my drug experiences. i haven't done coke since
niska as IF i just clicked on recent - and it rolled over for the day...

thought it's still early... it's like 3 o'clock!

what the hell time is blather on? definately not Eastern...
User24 see thisisblather for far too much info about the blather servers 030406
stork daddy i'm always worried that i'm actually in the distant future on my deathbed doing some drug that slows our brain down so that we relive our memories in real time, changing what we can. in reality impotent, in imagination infallible. and yet even in do overs there are still mistakes. i hope i have time for one more hit then before i go. 030406
jane i was thinking about that last night
you must have crept in and stolen my thoughts
SuicidalAngel I LOVED that entry. I want to print it and show it to my non-stoner friends. Well even my stoner friends now that I think about it.

It makes me want to get high so fucking bad! But I'm weedless right now :(

I LOVE the idea of making a website where you type your process of getting high or just type some of your high epiphonies and such. I have a section on my website called "epiphonies" where I'm going to put some of them from when I was high. I haven't gotten around to doing it yet cuz I usually forgot them all.

What a great idea though.. let me know if you actually make a website like that.

And my point on getting high/quiting is that.. who really cares? I mean most of us go through the same process in life (go to school, go to more school, graduate, get a job, married, kids, work, retire, die).. why not spice it up a little? We all live and die eventually and there is no purpose to life so if getting high makes you feel good and doesn't hurt anyone else in the process.. Well smoke away!
User24 see also: dope
and user24_counter

although if you' weedless, the counter may depress you slightly, given the amount I do.
birdweed blurring the edges 030414
SuicidalAngel So I tried to write "my drug experience" the other night when I got high and it really sucked!! So I decided not to post it! 030414
Norm 11:00- I just took a couple hits of acid.

11:20- Anticipating the effects.

11:30- Still not feeling the effects.

11:35-? It is begining. things are gitting kind of liquidy. the keyboard speaks to me. he says he knows what I'm really meaningand he wants to be with me. the lamp is argueing at the keyboard there words aren't in english, maybe polish orchina. now they shout at me..... they are angry. i'm surrounded in a very bightloud slilence, theyve surrounded meI have to hurry theyre right behind me.i ahave to thave to goo

I wrote this last night, I got scared and ran away before I could finish it.
stork daddy that's not what happens when you take a hit of acid. that's what happens every tuesday. duh. 030415
Nathan88 so let me get this straight...u guys get high alone while sitting in front of your computer...
is that fun or???...
SuicidalAngel You'd rather sit in front of you computer sober? Either way we're all siting in front of the computer right? 030415
User24 nathan: yup.
Angel: yup.
User24 all I ever seem to do these days is smoke, code, and blathe, not such a bad way of life, i wonder if I'll regret it later?

should be off to uni this time next year, so hopefully weed won't have much of a negative impact on my life as a whole.

I fear death, only because there's so much I haven't achieved that's well within my powers.

the effects of joint number forty something are starting to kick in..
u24 I've slowed down a lot recently, went from once a day to less than once a week. mainly because I've only got a little left.. but I feel better for it, too. so there! 031220
u24 hands up those who'd like a website like the one I described above (may as well do something productive) ? 031220
jane halloweenhalloweenhalloween 031221
harry connick jr. is not conducive to a good trip i ate shrooms. people's faces on the tv started to look funny. i puked and everything felt vaguely purple. i felt funny. i looked at blather for a few minutes, and it was weird. an hour or two went by, and i felt normal again. 031222
misstree such a thing would be nice, especially if other drugs were explored as well... i know that before i try anything new, i get the chemical and experiential rundown on it... know what you're taking, neh? 031222
u24 040128
t I always have the strong urge to physicaly go to the woods when I'm stoned. 070818
harry connick jr. is not conducive to a good trip you know, i still remember quite a few of the details of the mushroom trip i had nine years ago, even though i barely summarized it when i blathed about it here. and it wasn't one of my more memorable drug experiences by any means. funny, the things that stick in your mind.

it had been a good year and-a-half since i'd smoked pot. a bad acid trip (first and only time trying that stuff...watching imaginary bugs crawl beneath the skin of an asshole i wanted to kick in the nuts kind of soured me on it) led me to swear off all drugs for a while. but one night i found myself with some shrooms, procured from a friend who wanted to unload them, and i thought, "why not?"

it was the only time i ever took shrooms without smoking pot to help out the high. so it came on a little differently than i was used to. at first i wasn't sure the shrooms were going to hit me at all. then, while watching "charmed" on television (what was i thinking?), i saw alyssa milano's face get all fucked up. everything was out of proportion and her eyes were different sizes. she looked like an alien. like she was being seen through a funhouse mirror.

"i can't jerk off to this!" i said. "what the hell is this shit?"

(right. that's what i was thinking.)

the nausea came on soon after. in the past it had always left me pretty quickly without incident. this time it stuck around and kept intensifying. i was able to grab the garbage pail from the kitchen and run back to the living room couch, in case i couldn't ride the wave without puking off the side of the boat. i hoped if i just didn't move for a while, it might pass.

my hope was in vain. i threw up. it was the most intense vomiting experience of my life. not even altogether unpleasant...just profoundly exaggerated by the fact that i was high. it was over soon enough. and it did feel purple. i don't mean it looked purple; it FELT purple. i don't know how the act of throwing up can feel purple. i only know that it did.

i felt much better after that. i do remember coming here to look at blather. it may have been entertaining if i'd thought to say something right then, but i didn't. i don't remember what i read, or what i thought or felt about it. probably something along the lines of, "hahaha, blather is so weird! oh my god! i haven't used my real name in soooo long! hahaha! i'm high! wow!"

i went upstairs to my bedroom and turned on the television up there. i watched a bit of some harry connick jr. live performance thing without knowing why (not a big my book, harry's no sinatra). there was a bit between songs where he was talking with the leader of his band. the way they were smiling, i became convinced they were lovers. i couldn't stop laughing. they looked like human chipmunks. so happy. so goofy. so in love. i could just about see them smiling and going at it. the idea that no one else saw what was plain as day to me made me laugh even harder. they probably had a quickie backstage between numbers.

then i thought i might listen to some music. it was the first time i'd been high on anything in a long time, and i figured i should take advantage of the altered state of mind. so i did that. after having trouble picking something out, i listened to "moon pix" by cat power. it was good. felt like the right choice.

by the time i was finished, i was no longer high at all. then i blathed the tiny little summary of my experience. i still have no idea why i did that. you'd think i could have at least included some of the details and made it potentially interesting or amusing to one or two people.

well, now i've tied up that loose end. and now you know why harry connick jr. is not conducive to a good trip. although, in all fairness to harry, he did make me laugh. i hope he and that bandleader are still together. they made a cute couple.
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