yes. shove it up your ass is super fucked up. im really hoping to get a new one.

theres so many songs i want to download, but cant, because this computer is a fucking piece of shit.


theres a radio show i want to listen to, but i need real player. and i have downloaded it so many times, but it wont fucking work. and all i want is to listen to that one show, because the guy has a really hot voice. and the music is good too.

fuck my computer
thieums My comptuer will soon be 9 years old. It's slow, bulky... But I love it, for it served me well in the past and in the present, and I will continue to use it until it litteraly falls apart.

Has anyone else had such a long-lasting relationship with a computer ?
nom i don't want to have to spend anything on my computer(s) right now. both of them are fucked up but fixable. it just sucks cause i want to make them all better but i'm trying to save money. 060810
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