firehunden it hurts....

....kiss it.
j_blue sounds yummy 010304
sabbie a boy named mark owns my butt.

in college, i tended to over use the phrase "i bet my butt that...".

one day, i lost the bet, and i lost my butt.

i did take it to another city in another state without asking him, but he never came to claim it back, and its been about 7 years now. i sometimes wonder if thats long enough for ownership to revert back to me.
florescent light I hope you don't mind sabbie, but I used your line today. I wanted to see what would happen.
I said to my roommate, who is also my best friend, I said to him, "I bet my butt that my night class will be canceled tonight."
And he just nodded.
And I retorted "Don't you think it's weird that I just said 'I bet my butt..'?"
And he replied, "No."
Needless to say I was disapointed that I didn't get the reaction I had intended.
I did win the bet, though.
unhinged is being operated on this friday. what a way to start your spring break. ugh 010305
firehunden isn't it wonderful how my butt has brought the two most interesting people i think are on here together....

unhinged has a wonderful mind....

and flourescent light is nice to me....

i love my butt....

it's the greatest
sabbie oh, my dear florescent light, of course i dont mind you borrowing it!

in fact,
take it,
take it.

honestly, its just been hanging in my wardrobe for years, i hadly ever use it anymore, and it looks so good on you! it brings tears of joy to my eyes that it's back in circulation. i havent heard it used since i left college. it's in need of a good home. just remember to feed it and take it for walks...

something tells me i should not have stayed up til 5 last night and got up at 8 this morning. i think my brain has siezed control of my fingers again without telling me.
mikey butts are good i love butts! what a great thing to be. GENIUS. hell id be happy to win a bet like that! one must be careful when dealing with insane minds muahahahhahahah 010306
mikey edit: above i meant to say what a great thing to BET not BE!! thought some people are "butts" for lack of using a more cruel word. 010306
chanaka but what IS a butt, exactly? i wonder if my butt is a nice one, or maybe a flat and deflated one. no one has ever commented on my butt. is this a good thing?
perhaps i have "bet my ass" too many times. (kinda like betting a butt, but with a neato swear word)
mikey ive never gotten comments on mine either but i think i have a nice one. really it comes down to the fact everyone likes and dislikes different things. the possibilities are endless. 010306
mikey i also have to agree with j_blue kissing it sounds yummy!

grendel i'll provide the obvious joke here

"i need a new one

this one has a crack in it"

that's all i had to say
mikey "excuses are like assholes we all got one!" hmm dont totaly fit for this thread but HEY..i felt like saying it! 010306
firehunden i don't really appreciate all of you people putting all of this useless crap in my_butt.
my_butt was a sensitive place until all of you came along.
i don't want you turning my_butt into some kind of hole for useless stuff.
please keep it small....
and try to not use any sharp words...ok
thank you

after all...my_butt was my idea
florescent light I fell alseep with a bottle cap under my butt.
but I woke up and it hurt a little.
(shh don't tell, I don't want people to laugh at me)
It was a Sobe bottle cap.
My roommate bought a whole lot of them and he lets me drink it.
I help him out with the phone bill in return.
Sobe' bottles are always real hard to open. But I think I've finally got it down.

Sometimes it needs a good Bang!
unhinged sobe...i love sobe

i have a scholarship that includes my room and board, so i always get my brother a bunch of sobes with my meal plan because he likes it too.

lizards down in front.
florescent light Pinball Lizard 010307
sage_one it's fucked because there have been a man whos owned my ass. I used to tell K. that all the time, as he fucked me. This ass is yours, i'd say, and he'd smile and say, "Okay...Sugar, I love you."

I never thought that I'd be one to give my ass away. I'm so proud... but I loved it. i trusted him to own it, knowing he wouldn't take it away from me...he'd own it, and then just give it back to me...he wanted , he needed me to own it for myself.

I wish we'd had the same agreement with my adidas shirt however. he still owns that one.
firehunden i just wanted to put my butt back up here so that everyone could see it again.
i think everyone should comment on my butt.
good or bad, it makes no difference.
please take the time and put something in my butt.
i want to make my butt the biggest thing on here.
if we work together my butt can be huge in no time at all.
thank you for your time.
Toxic_Kisses ...Seems to get more comments than I do. 011011
ToxicK typo: Complements
Casey asleep from sitting here for a few hours thinking 011011
lady lunchbox nice and round, doesn't match my timy waist, and makes buying pants very difficult.

but all the guys tell me it's great, so i guess i won't trade it in quite yet.
gos is prosthetic 020618
Persona the thing about butts: a nice one smiles at you while a flat one just kinda stares 020619
what's it to you?
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