the indulgent ascetic (fra diavolo) i wish i could live long enough to write a comprehensive history of pleasure as we know it.

i wish i had already lived long enough to truly begin

by this i mean centuries

some things feel so good they should last that long

hold your lovers close tonight, my friends
iheartyou its over before we're ready to begin, isn't it? 020402
tulip bruises i wish i could live long enough to find out whether pople are just a stain on the fabric of time, or whether we are beautiful part of the tapestry. are we the most horrible and barbaric of all conscious life? are we the only conscious life? when we talk of human nature, do we really mean the nature of all conscious beings? is there some type of life out there that can get beyond all these petty psychological urges? 030408
niska it's an indication of a deeper trust when we make decisions together. that's something i am growing to like, rather than just get used to. 030408
solipsisticmeoldephebe like i said i just can't believe i'm all agog and if my tear ducts were functioning i'd be streaming - really - whoever you are you have a beautiful essence of being and i'm not trying to be creepy - this isn't some overture or anything - you write beautifully - i'm gonna read your post again - i'm sure it's subtleties escaped me on the first reading - 030703
ross its something neat and often subtle, which often balks and causes trouble, but still inspiration glows and shines on me because she knows, without her i cannot be. 080724
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