sabbie and if i create these girls
am i then god to them?
it could be argued that i didnt create them, that they were already alive.
imagine that they go through their life
never knowing anything about me,
except the parts i give them for their own.

and i wonder if every charater you create is part of you. you are the prisim and they are the rainbow refracted out the sides.

writing about these girls is diving like a swallow into pools under a waterfall. synoin, indepentant and free, billie, with insanity continually threatening to bubble to the surface, even sab, who can see the world through a different window.

in discovering them, i am discovering me.

it is a fascinating journey
frAnk "There is in my opinion only one conclusion that may be drawn from the idea that the self is not given to us;
we must create ourselves as works of art." -Michel Foucault
sabbie frAnk, thats truly beautiful.

thank you!
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