charley The only true language. 980906
emma la la la la la 981208
a-team My reason to live, other than World's Scariest on FOX. 990218
Chris is bollocks 990313
coldtea mine rocks
yours sucks
strange poet simply one of the only true forms of genuine expression...excluding art and dancing...oh yeah and writing is pretty essential too. 990419
ceorl did it pre-date language? tool-making? cave art? is it just us imitating wolves? oooOOOoooOOOO! 990420
sillyelly music is the language of the world. it opens doors that once were locked. without music there can be no happiness, no joy. only sorrow would exist. there would be darkness and nothing forever. 990505
groovinkim music is a dream.
it is a frown, a smile, scream.
is a lover like no other.
is a language, motherfucker!
is an eargasmic revelation.
it is my inspiration.
through all my sorrow, struggle, strife.
music is my life.
Joana Is the meaning of life. 990715
jared_d maintains my sanity to a large degree. 990923
who? is my addiction 991009
nick state of mind
give to you
all they do
yours and mine
what to find
comes and goes
rains and snows
high and low
fast but slow
anyone, anywhere
those who care
fight it out
far about
home and there
without underwear
stripped of all
with its call
finally the finale
beginning again
|sCaRReD*disTrOyeD| The sound of the fish tank filter.
The sound of me banging Coca Cola bottles together in the grocery store.
The sound of the keys on the keyboard going up and down as we type.
The sound of my parents walking back and forth, through the house trying to figure out what to do about my depression.
The screaming cry of a child being beaten.
The sound of the workers at McDonalds getting your food ready.
The sound of my quiet crying mixed with Marilyn Manson's Mechanical Animals last night.
The sparatic drumming of a rain shower, or the heavy constant pour of a thunder storm.
The sound of Jonathan Davis screaming, singing, and snarling along with the dark and eerie sounds of James and Brian, the harmonious slapping of Reggie, and to top it all off the continuous pounding of David.
Anything can be turned into music. Music is the one universal language. It can express anything from utter joy to absolute saddness and depression. Either way, the world would be depressing beyond words without music.
Q besides play,
make music
and sing it
hahaha awakens something inside you when it's right (BOOM bang bang twaaaaang lalalalala) 000106
c-spandrea. music stirs up memories from days past. it makes you laugh, it makes you cry, and it makes you dance. music is beauty. 000226
Brad A term to liberally applied, these days. 000310
BoofPixie always better when drunk. easier to dance to. good make-out songs are not necessarily good music... 000310
Brad that's "too," not "to." Grammar police. 000310
spikey life,
my very essence.
without it i am nothing,
nor is the world.
it can put a world together,
and can tear one down.
it is the life force from which we
BoofPixieGoLightly *ahem* Must police your grammar police, Brad. I meant "easier to dance to" as in "music is easier to dance to when drunk." I did not mean "music is better when drunk, and being drunk makes it easier to dance, too."
nyah nyah nyah *sticks out tongue*
Brad ahem... I was policing my own grammar. Yours is your business, Molly. You must think you're really cool enough to warrant me checking your grammar. For the record, it was actually a typo. 000324
camille It is said that listening can be likened to the sun, which shines upon all things, but the measure of its effect on each creature depends on its quality and what is imbibed. One is burned, while another is made to shine. One is helped to flourish, while another melts away. If anyone were to ask how it could happen that someone who has no knowledge or awareness of himself nevertheless manages to dance according to the beat of the singer and recognizes the voice and melody of the singer, the answer would be that when a man is no longer shackled by the fervour of his animal soul and has no attachment to his own opinions and ideas, his heart then becomes both more illuminated and strengthened. And when this weakening of the animal soul takes place, and the heart is illuminated, inevitably he will understand the beat of the music and the meaning of the singers 000403
gregg a world of energy that envelopes me
droning voices from thousands of years ago, pulsing beats
and electronic spiralling bleeps
from trillions of years from now
it all communicates to me, seeing as essentially, i am the one
who created it as a message, a reminder to myself when the time was right...
Brad Music for me has come to be very existential. My mind comprehends the nuances and the overall goal of jazz and classical music, so it's good music to me. If you can't or don't want to devote this much of yourself to it, then chances are it's not and wont be good music to you. I give up trying to say that anything is objectively better, but for me personally, the difference is astounding. 000517
The Schleiffen Man too bad you can't get an A in that jazz history class but i'm sure mr. panella will see the light and will correct your grades as we all know that you are the "man of jazz" for our generation 000518
Brad I'm not counting on panella to straighten things out... i just want him to put me in touch with that guy that taught the class... that pissed me off. 000518
MollyGoLightly Uh-oh...I sense trouble brewing on the Jazz Studies front... 000518
Brad It's all good in the hood, Molly... North Texas looms very close in my future, then it will all be behind me. 000518
larla i have always been of the opinion that everyone with a well developed opinion about music thinks the music they prefer to listen to is the most wonderful, or brilliant, or whatever. it justifies my own belief that i have impeccable taste in music. 000518
Brad musical existentialism at its best... ain't it great, larla? 000518
larla it's just loving music. i think there are many ways of doing it. most of which involve listening or playing. (just do it!) 000518
dan thank you very much
and I hope we passed the audition
- John Lennon
1970 Beatles - Let It Be
Tiffa when i hear a beat i tap in my mind my fet move and in such a pattern the worl spins and then i realize im not dancing, that its the music that drives my being around the floor. music is the compostion of the soul, and its the words that allow people to fully understand the meaning. 000521
There is no other language I know other than is the beauty of the soul for what my existence is an addict for.
Barrett The soundtrack to my life. Different songs for different scenes. Each song creating it's own backdrop for a moment in time.
The prescrition of choice:

(Pink Floyd "The Wall") when in need of a cry.
(Van Halen "Diver Down") to enhance a summer day.
Many different drugs for whatever symptoms you have.
tivenan music is not a symbolic language..the emotions expressed in music are not references pointing to themselves. They are the real emotions is alive with power to create mindsets love letgo holdon give freedom revolution unity justice voice purpose but also their opposites if the music's negative power drives it so jam on but be careful 000801
stan my father was a professional jazz pianist... i was tucked under pianos in jazz bars, diapers changed between sets. i never cried. Now when i play, and stumble onto something heard forty years ago, it slaughters me and i have to stop because of crying and shaking.
Which is also why i don't sing... it has too much effect on me... has anyone experienced this ....and found a way to overcome it? Only certain music can bring me to that point where i am just wasted and usless for anything... it can do it almost instantly, an unfamiliar pieces can sneak up and clobber me, and i will come back for more
Brad Stan... what was his name? I may know him or know someone that did. It's a small world in this music you know.... furthermore what do you play? 000801
Brad tivenan: "Art is not 'about' something but is the thing itself" --Vladimir Nabokov. 000801
klarchen "I believe that until I was thirteen I succeeded in convincing myself that everyone else reacted to everything in exactly the same way as I. For example, I thought it would be obvious that everyone would share my delight in a cloudy sky, and it was something of a shock for me when I discovered that some people preferred sunshine. Even now I can't understand it. But that's an entirely different story..." --Glenn Gould 000801
stan Mozart's left ear was deformed... there's some irony for ya 000801
stan Mozart's left ear was deformed, there's some irony for ya 000801
stan woops 000801
stan Brad, stan capps piano not professionally, i teach
and yourself?
grendel a listing of the instruments i play with any degree of anything resembling competency (or at least with any kind of passion that i hope at least partially makes up for any shortcoming in the technical skill department)

The alto, soprano and baritone saxes (for some reason the tenor exasperates me in every attempt i have made to play it competently)

oh yes, and the clarinet
Brad Stan... Brad Williams, guitarist and student, just transferred to the University of North Texas. I'm into Woody Shaw, Donald Brown, Mulgrew Miller, Joe Henderson, Bill Mobley (no relation to hank... trumpet player) and I am deeply obsessed with Phineas Newborn Jr. Notice not a guitar player in the bunch... haha. And yourself? Who do you check out? 000801
stan Brad..good for you, North Texas State is an excellent choice for studying music, especially jazz. Oddly enough I almost never listen to recorded music, but for the most part im hung up on the jazz greats of the big band era and classical ....i often hear new music of all kinds that i like, but i am always listening to it someplace like a party or something and never bother to check it out further. I grew up in Dallas and once had a bookstore in Denton incidentally. 000802
gaudior if i cared about the madonna song, i might quote it here. but no.

music is probably at least as old as language, since people have almost certainly been tapping toes, clapping, banging rocks together for aeons. it's sort of ingrained in our being.
silentbob oh no!! madonna is blond again! AND SHES SINGING TERRIBLE SONGS! 000921
j_blue madonna will last forever. she has successfully maintaned popularity for 2 decades, and she will live forever!!! 000921
power through passion our one gift
our one window
to a higher plane
where intuition rules
and passion flys
in winds of brilliant colors

there is a point of view
which dictates that access
to any knowledge can be achieved
through intuition

our minds and souls
frustrated by the steel doors
of our limitations
reduced to step by plodding step
the well travelled paths
of logic and precedent

but music opens that door a tiny crack
some people see God
if their faith leads them that way
others see merely
the blinding chaos of the universe
has order from the macro perspective
a top down analysis
achieved through passion
through the key of music

this physical body
was once identified as the carrier
of a key to that door
of remarkable craftsmanship
that key has been allowed to lie fallow
used for observation
but never for exploration

no reason to feel melancholy
that is how it is
asi es la vida
dona nobis requiem
matthew My Life, Love, and Liberty 001009
guitar_freak music is my life
it is what makes me me
PURPLE "THE RAGUN" Yes its me the original the one and
only PURPLE! not dot com. but a ragun
pro. I glow ,Im an elf ,I love my gig!
Top jimmy , tell them about my mission
statement, You know! the RAGUN (PRONOUNCED LIKE CAJUN The mighty
PURPLE P.J. 24736581 NIGHT ONLY......

paradox brings people together. And fucks peoples heads. Makes people happy and yet some people fight about it. I listen and smile. 001026
tourist As the stars and planets play out their Tunes,
I notice the Earth plays mostly Blues.
j_blue madonna rules, even if everyone else disagrees with the fact that she is on the way to godhood 001026
flower i can't find anything new to do. help me before i cry 010201
cutwsift Music. Beats. Life. 010215
musicly inclined i have no college degree nor am i trying for one in music. i just love to listen to it and make it. with any instrument i can get my hands on. whether it is brass, strings,skins or PVC.(too bad they don't have a class for that). 010227
Aimee keeps me from killing myself everytime.... I realize how beautiful life can be. I just need to do something about it... I need to perform. 010227
p. gives you that little something that can't be put into words. so i wont even try to explain it, let the music speak for itself. 010227
Jim is Stevie Ray 010227
johnny west Music has always been a form of therapy for me. Through many screams and songs about mutilating family members, I've done a fair bit of venting over the years!

There's one downside to screaming: it ain't exactly good for your vocal cords. So I've cut back, for now. Until there's something new to scream about...
johnny west Something else---

I've lost my ability to write songs. What pisses me off is the fact that I can come up with any number of musical/lyrical ideas, but I can no longer shape them into a finished song! I've lost my ability to create!

misspudding seems as if music has almost as many entries as love.

is that just a coincidence?
johnny west It can't be a coincidence.
LOVE lacks a satisfactory definition, as does MUSIC. Life feeds into art...
Shit floats to the top...
A tricycle is a careful individual's motorcycle...
Say, that last one's kinda good. I like that. It's tricycular!
And I've lost the entire thread of whatever it was I was attempting to articulate. Yippy skippy.
monadh fills my soul
lifts my spirit
sings my heart's tale
nocturnal helps me shut out the rest of the world. sometimes a good thing, usually a bad thing. that's why I love music more than anything else in life. 010314
unhinged i don't even know what to say...

retartedkidnameddamian "music is like a portal to another world, the world of truth"
-trey anastasio (lead singer/guitarist for phish)
Lazy Orange! Beethoven.
Louis Armstrong.
John Lennon.

futility Eeryone thinks his or her own taste in music is good. Some of us must be wrong. Not me, of course. 010519
Wayne where once we were participants
now behold the obnoxious consumer
frank zappa Information is not knowledge
Knowledge is not wisdom
Wisdom is not truth
Truth is not beauty
Beauty is not love
Love is not music
Music is THE BEST
maynard fan music is the only thing that connects me with reality, everything else its just a dream. strange, lately it so hard for me to talk about music,its like everyone wants to impress with their small skill and knowledge of whatever they saw on tv, talking and making music on a very superficial way that they forgot it is all about ideas and originality. you create real music using everything that piss you off alternating with your deepest and impossible desires.. a human thing. so music its NOT complicated, life it IS. thats the reason why they make songs on first place. pop music its a sick massive need of money, fame, and a none complicated style you could keep easely the rest of your career life, but thats why they cant get that "feeling" of being the real thing, you know.. the stuff that inspire you to find your own creativity in your simple life. because that kind of expression is art, and they dont want you to know that. 010723
sailor is life but life is sex ... I love music then I love sex 010727
lovers lament when i was that girl
taking her clothes off on stage
for money
i never thought of the drunken obese men
that hoped to get away with touching
(although it was not allowed)
i thought of the music
and the way it moved me
and i moved into it, a shield
to protect me from all the things
i refused to acknowledge.
translucent an addiction of mine. i use it to block dumbasses out, to calm me down, to pump me up, anything. i carry my discman everywhere, i need it. NEED it. 011012
translucent the music is rising
powerful and crazy
different and surprising
thing im gonna stay

when we are together
theres no one to stop me
its only getting better
'til the judgement day

youve been trying to kill me
try to make me pay
take your fucking money
get your ass away

you know what the plan is
you know what we're here for
rock the fuckin dancefloor
nuthin' more to say
superslutstar *the only release for a darkened soul... the only friend of a melancholy mind... the only comfort to a terrified heart... 011108
jordy forget the past

lurking in the shadows ready to scare is yourself remember plato and you will live as A high minded man.
ClairE If it makes me glad it's good.
If it makes me think it's great.
If it makes me see something new it's a blessing, and makes me feel i'm lucky to be alive.
phace You know Remixing a song, is like cooking. If you can mix a song into a dance floor mix, you can cook. Cooking is like remixing normal food sunstances like vegatables and meat, etc and creating wicked new mixes. Beats of tang flavor, with the ambient background of rice or pasta. with the accompany ment of side dishes or a good tall glass of sherry. cooking sherry that =) 020102
kerry ahhh listening to music for me/like i'm swimming through your ocean with the sounds/pulsing through my ears and up my throat and in my chest

like it's stripping the skin right off of me

or i'm pushing through something and my hands are clawing at the exits

music is so important.
Ant Itís the speech of angles! 020104
optic discretion Music is life ... to be without music is like being without love. Without either one of these ... life would be miserable. but i agree ... music is not love, nor will it ever be. Music can be too vulgar and violent to be love ...

Music has always been able to make my day better ... it can always make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. It's just like a blanky ... so nice and comforting ...
no reason is life. 020120
Casey It is what keeps me going most of the time. It's my caffine, my speed, my life. 020120
realitybites Food for my soul. Light that only my ears can see. Flowing water, a gentle breeze, a baby's laughter, God's simple gifts give such enjoyable pleasure. Music comes in many forms, you just have to open your ears and listen. 020214
adelaide .... and ragtime, shameless music that will grab your son, your daughter, with the arms of a jungle animal instinct, masTERia! ..... ooooh we got trouble... right here in river city...

the music man. oh how i love it. doesn't it just make you want to jump up and sing?

... goodnight my someone... goodnight my love.
minnesota_chris You don't know how many times I've sung that to myself. We are a funny assortment of theatre geeks, aren't we? 020311
ever dumbening "Here are your waters and your watering place.
Drink and be whole again beyond confusion."
ilikefood it seems that these days the album is devaluted. All the bands want is singles so they get radio play and recognition. They put so much into that one song that whoever buys that cd for that one song (because that's all you hear) realizes that the band has nothing to offer them. It's like everyone is striving for that one great song, the glory that Roger crooned so poignantly about in Rent... interesting. 020421
ilikefood it seems that these days the album is devalued. All the bands want is singles so they get radio play and recognition. They put so much into that one song that whoever buys that cd for that one song (because that's all you hear) realizes that the band has nothing to offer them. It's like everyone is striving for that one great song, the glory that Roger crooned so poignantly about in Rent... interesting. 020421
kill rhythm what came first, the music or the misery? people worry about kids playing with guns or watching violent videos, that some sort of culture of violence will take them over. nobody worries about kids listening to thousands, literally, thousands of songs about heartbreak, rejection, pain, misery, and loss. did i listen to pop music because i was miserable, or was i miserable because i listened to pop music? 020422
green eyes are u troubled?
Music will calm thee
are u tired?
rest will be thine

music source of all gladdness
will heal your sadness
music ever divine
when the welcome spring is shining
with all the flowers blooming
after winters stormy stay
all the music in a heavenly harmony
will plant parises in His name!
god Information is not knowledge
Knowledge is not wisdom
Wisdom is not truth
Truth is not beauty
Beauty is not love
Love is not music
Music is THE BEST . . .
bweka my fingers ache
and i play...badly
but i play anyhow
music to your ears
overcomes the pain
and i remember days like this
and i wonder where they've gone
and i can't find the right melody to sing these songs
tgrey a raw emotion
a pure art and part science
an escape from now
vette if music be the food of love - play on ;)

poeticmisfit music...what can i say about it? i love it. i live by it. its so beautiful, its a way of expression that i could never go without. i love hearing it, i love playing it , i love writing it.
i love music
phil today 020729
Beth is just about the most amazing and beautiful thing on the planet. It's sexy, and orgasmic, and wonderful. I love music. 020804
MagicMan ah... i feel like throwing up

not cause of this page.... i just needed to get it out.
hodag stimulate the electronic ventricles of our mind of minds vibrations that can teach the ignorant and instruct the blind this thing that we hear and become is equal to the air we take into our lungs
essential for our evolution
altair i love singing old songs that everyone knows, when everyone remembers bits and pieces of harmonies and parts...and they pour out like water, mixing, swirling, blending...something twists, turns in your heart...singing these songs with people you love, the music you love, knowing they feel it too, everything comes flooding back, and you're smothered in warmth. without these moments life wouldnt be worth living. 021107
redetutu Music is Magick.

Or should i say, Music is religion. A living religon. Whose priests & precepts, saints & sinners are alive and with us today. And whose gods are just as recognizable by their sounds as they are their faces.
cRazyCat steely dan- one day i was walking in new york city. i was down around the east village .i noticed a boy with long green hair, thinking he looked intresting i kept staring and staring. i then realized who he was walking with. 030103
cRazyCat steely dan- one day i was walking in new york city. i was down around the east village .From across the steet i noticed a boy with long green hair, thinking he looked intresting i kept staring and staring. i then realized who he was walking with. it was walter becker!! all i wanted to do was say how much steely dan ment to me , but of corse i couldnt remember his damn name. i called my father who is also a huge steely fan and tried so hard to get through to him, knowing he would tell me this guys name in a heart beat. well the moment ended and i watched the nameless star and green haired son fade into a summer city heat wave. 030103
not an angry girl *she's trying to sing just enough so that the air around her moves and make MUSIC like mercy that gives what it is and has nothing to lose* (ani difranco)

for some reason i can always find a song in her words that means i'm not crazy. and i can always find solace in the words and the music and the attitude and the feeling. how can one person have so much to say? i wish i had the words to say...
celestias_shadow can you capture it?
can you describe it?
feel it
in your mind
your heart
your skin
it speaks to you
no matter who you are
no matter where you are
its a language
that can't be taught
or written down
sliding in and out of your ears
sometimes sticking
and holding to you
touching your heart
and speaking to you
like only music can
the language of the dreamers
Eowithien the language of dreamers, the universal language, the only true way to express yourself, needs no background or history, the only way that i can be myself. 030220
pipedream *me hums and taps her toes*

there is always a song in my head.

shower singing. best kind of music, that.
blown cherry Is there a power is does not hold?
It has within it's grasp the power to destory and torment, it can run right through everything on the spectrum_of_emotions up to elate and enlighten.
Such powers as it exercises daily.

The only say I have in it is whether today I let my emotions choose my music, or do I today let my music choose my emotions.
And so often it works out much better when I let the music do my decision making for me.
god i been playin' lead vrass down at the local vrass hole 030611
may I live like you this rhythm, this beat. this song penetrates my heart.
I can't live without the joy of my guitar, the tears from something corporate, the sweet ballads of coldplay, and hard rock of violent femmes, and velvet underground. I need you more than anything. Don't ever leave me to be alone in a silent world.
trixie going on an aerosmith trip... dream on. 030616
User24 music plays my emotions like a violin.

deja vu.

I'm sure I already said that somewhere.. oh well - still true.
User24 bands you should hear for their surreal qualities;

The Lords of Acid
Praga Khan
the KLF
the Shamen
the Aphex Twin
the Prodigy
Tangerine Dream
the Cure
Massive Attack
Deep Forest
The Future Sound of London
camille Jorane 030823
ferret "never expected it
to arise you see
but as the night drifted on
it came time to say goodbye
turning your back
and walking away
this cold winter morning
is all THAT I NEED"
nicole is cool 030901
nicole is cool 030901
nicole is cool 030901
sexy makes me feel sexy , awesome , horny & alive most specially if I dance then I forget my age & my worries , I'm into it like crazy ...madly in love or whatever ! 030928
nomatter music is the only thing that i trust.
sometimes my only friend.
a girl with nothing to say music is the best its what calms me down after a bad day i tend to listen to music more than anything almost 031017
ReddVelVet it is me. it is all that I am; everything I do. I am one with music in a way that can only be expressed THROUGH music. to sum it up: music is my life 031028
sk8man44 Get_up_kids ! i love it ! 031107
the original KrazyKat the Om - the universal sound of the living soul

p.s. whats so crazy about crazycat?
krazy there's a fine line between music and cacophony.

what side are YOU on?
User24 so very very loud. ultraviolence - hardcore motherfucker. maximum volume on my headphones right now, and yet, I'm still able to both ride the wave of energy it inspires in me, and think logically.. perhaps that's the key to life, merging the two, logic and emotion. I can't really let go of logic that easily. It's a damn useful skill. But is it real? 031108
u24 wandered off topic a little there.. isn't it strange how music can inspire emotions? bass, for instance, has a lot of energy (listening to Sosa - The Wave I'll email it to anyone who want's it)

Evil sounds, happy sounds.. how and why does sound plug so perfectly into our nervous system? (and no, before you ask, I'm not high. yet.) with sound, you can manipulate people like puppets, "force and styles" makes me feel happy, Helium Vola's Omni Mundi Cretura... well, that just sounds different. Medieval chanting vocals over twisting synthesiser. (took me half an hour to find that track.) you get the idea, RATM makes me angry, Slayer gives me adrenaline, Metallica's 4 horsemen, as I've said before, literally renders me incapable of doing anything else...

Maybe because it's our main form of communication; verbal, the spoken word, noises. and with music they're all there. Sounds are much better at conveying emotion than words, they speak to us in voices we cannot understand, music speaks to us directly, without the additional layer of language. Music simply is.

What then of colour? Flat colour has never done much for me, deep velvet is nice, the light plays with the material, creating myriad colours, all working towards a central theme of, for instance, redness.

But as for inspiring emotions.. they remind me of things, places, times, previously experienced emotions, but they don't actually conjure emotion. I think.

whatever; I like music. nuff said.
krazy this is extremely scientific and un-romantic, but I want call the following coincidences to attention:

13 notes in an octave
8 in the major and minor scale
5 black keys between C and C on a piano
3 notes make up a basic chord


How about this:
R.O.Y.G.B.I.V.(R. again)
C D E F G A B (c)

colors? the golden ratio? music?
User24 Is what you hear the same as what your friend hears? 031112
krazy Is what I perceive the same as what anybody else perceives? Maybe, maybe not. But what of people clapping to the same exact rhythm at a concert? That's no illusion, and even if they are all thinking of a completely different rhythm, it coincides with the same rhythm coming from the music.

Besides, communication would be impossible if everyone lived in a completely different reality. If I play techno at 300 BPM and an extremely high volume, I doubt you'll go to sleep right away. If I turn on the smooth jazz station, there's a slim chance it'll cause you to trash your room (well, maybe it would because smooth jazz is absolutely terrible.)
jake If you could only stop the romance for a while, the fragments of music appear. Disparate, like so many people standing in a crowded room, they simply wait for something to happen.

And in the space between the meaningless shards of sound there is a wealth of time to think and feel, to create, to form another perspective of reality without anxiety; to snare a fleeting idea which blurs a thousand tragedies and taps the memory of something epic, something profoundly personal.

Music can provide an opportunity for you to move forward, to surpass the inscrutable complexity of human life for a time, to puncture the complicated layers of the social pantomime and arrive at a sincere reaction of joy or sadness.

It is our hope that we can contribute to your ideas about music a notion of personal progress and optimism that penetrates the intimate space of the human heart; a created consciousness where nothing and no one is sacred, but universally sincere and equal.

Trying, Attempting, Moving forward to a vulnerable place inside yourself where the delicate dream of things-that-could-be awaits the rebirth of free, unabashed creativity.

Songs, not Skyscrapers
krazykat yea, it's all that good stuff and more. the most beautiful dimension of human existence. 031119
hatameiwaku There are electronics in my music! 031205
phil I always wanted to write about my music teachers. 031212
mak an audible art

a reason to live
starjewel Just thought that if our parents listened to the music that we listend to, and didn't just hear it as noise, they wouldn't have to ask us what we're thinking or feeling as much.
Cause the songs we play repeatedly and know every word to are probably the songs that take the words right out of our mouths, the words we can't say to them, the words we don't want to say to ourselves and the words that we can't say to the people we want to speak to the most. Maybe people wouldn't have to talk so much if we would just listen to each other's music.
tinie Music inspires movement. Dancing, naturally. Making love, definitely! The best sex is sex with a soundtrack to it... All senses on sharp. Trippin! 040104
questioning observer keeps me sane.
saves lives.
lets me express who i am.
oldephebe well said starjewel 040120
jennyennydots music/cat lover Sometime survival is a matter of dancing. (Native American saying). Music is my life. I share my music with others through free form dancing. I bring joy to people's lives by letting them taste what I feel with the music I play. Music is all I have life is at it's best and it's worst, so that I may feel my emotions. I can relate to the song "Satisfied" by Boston. That is:
You got to have a little rock n' roll music to get to you through the stormy weather".
minstrel make music into math. keys notes and time signatures are a crude representation. interpretation of the notes is the key to the musician leaving their signature on the song 040203
JdAwG What can be said about music? It is my only true reason for living. It is a catalyst to express emotions. One puts his emotions into his music, while another picks it up. Music is the keeper of sanity, and also the bringer of insanity. It is a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, smothered in a conundrum. No one needs lessons on how to listen to music. One can spend hours talking to another through music, without saying a single word. Music makes you think to a degree that isn't possible with any other form of expression. True music doesn't necesarily sell millions of copies, and isn't written by someone with a degree. It is written and played by people who feel it, who know it, who can understand what is being said and can relate. What other form of expression can spark tears and riots? Great musicians are the greatest people. Those who are blessed with the gift of music and choose not to persue it are fools. Music is the greatest thing in one's life. Without music, life would be a mistake. 040224
Borealis If I have ever was for music
the chances of that are slight

maybe I loved you.
who knows
ethereal the reason i am still here. 040225
beaver It stops wars, it begins riots,
it describes the undescribable.
What more needs to be said,
nothing at all, for one cannot appreciate it with words.
Music is not words, it isn't even a language.
It's a state of mind, an expression, that we can only begin to try to contain.
Bach, Beethoven, masters of the art.

Is it art?
Sometimes, maybe, but it can be so much more.
An expression of love, an expression of hate,
it puts people to sleep when lying prostrate.

It makes people weap, makes them yell,
whether coming from a bassoon or a bell,
you give a child sticks, and what does he do,
he makes music, even though it may be torture to me or to you.

Ahh, but why write, when I myself have the power,
to tickle the ivories, to brush the keys,
to make music to my ears, that is sure to please.
miefyth is a lover.
can rape and pillage and croon and whisper lullabies all in one breath.
is an entity all its own, as sure as the sun.
is universal.

music is the lifeblood of the earth. without it, the world would likely implode.
monkey music = bandaid for the soul 040303
Marcel_Dupre The Hell You Say I owe my entire existence to this one thing. 21 years old playing music for 3. not long but my life is centered around the tunes of the pipes and the strings. the louder the better. listen to marcel dupre 040307
Marcel_Dupre The Hell You Say I owe my entire existence to this one thing. 21 years old playing music for 3. not long but my life is centered around the tunes of the pipes and the strings. the louder the better. listen to marcel dupre 040307
musicman music is my drug. more than that. it's how i express myself without actually expressing myself, i just listen and chill. there is so much i need in music, and whatever it is i get out of it is something i cannot get out fo anything else. its not the lyrics. to me, vocals are just another instrument, producing sounds that when combined with other sounds, make music. i don't care what they have to say, its the rhythm and beat of the vocals that gets me. the sound of everything combined. music is pure emotion, and nothing else. slipknot, lamb of god, P.O.D, coldplay, david gray, mushroomhead, all produce sounds i can't live without. 040414
warning i can't stand people who are stuck up, close minded morons who claim their music is the best and say everything else sucks. people who say metal is not music. people who have the nerve to tell me the music i listen to is not music. there is no such thing as a definition of music. everything is music. but people who are so sure that classical or hip hop or emo or punk or rap or metal is the only way to go, and everything else blows, AND THEY HAVEN't HEARD any of what they are bashing make me want to scream. make we want to break everything. break them. they make me want to hang. i hate them. do not be the close minded moron who is not worth my attention, don't be the guy who i wouldnt dare give a penny to even if they were starving on the street after they fully bash my music. it needs to stop. if you have nothing important to say, KEEP YOUR FUCKING MOUTH SHUT. music is so personal to me, i take a bigger offense to someone bashing my music than bashing me. 040414
THANK YOU """music is not a symbolic language..the emotions expressed in music are not references pointing to themselves. THEY ARE THE REAL EMOTIONS is alive with power to create mindsets love let go hold on give freedom revolution unity justice voice purpose but also their opposites if the music's negative power drives it so jam on but be careful """"

whoever wrote this, whatever genius out there typed this out, i thank you. you nailed it. perfectly. the line about music being emotions themselves. right on. really. thank you. i read that, and pretty much thought i would faint. someone else feels the way i do about music. so right. thank you thank you thank you thank you.
Smurf I disagree, I think that music, while not being the expression it's self, is a helluva lot closer than any language.
Why? well let's go back to the music scale, you know, that Do ra de thingy thingy that every singer practices regularly. That's only the western music scale, it's different in china, it's different in Africa and on mars they prolly have a different one too.

A western raised in china will learnt he eastern music scale and a martian raised in England will learn the western Music scale, so, This proves that our taste in music is not innate, but is learned.
Smurf Damn, so many typos in that last one.

ok, Why is this relevant? Because our emotions are chemicals, if our taste in music was determined from our genes then when we play music it will be accuratly, perfectly even, expressed throught the instrument, but it's not, it's learned, therefor when one composes music he cannot accuratly expresss a pure emotion.

But the best composers come damn close.
Smurf There is an argument against that: The argument is that our emotions can also be learned, but this usually leads to a nature vs. Nurture discussion, so let's assume Nurture is the more true.

Our emotions can also be learned, and our feelings programmed to respond differently, therefor if we learn to express music according to our emotions, it might as well be the emotions themselves.
black&red is the best in black and red
Dosquatch Different cultures base their music on different times, scales, and measures, certainly, but just as much is universal.

A great deal of music is based on chords - what notes sound good with other notes. That's not cultural, that physics and math. Harmonics are based on wavelength. Whole steps and half steps are based on harmonics. This is universal. Culture does not change physics.

Chords are based on what notes sound good with other notes, which is in turn based on half steps, which in turn is based on harmonics. Again, physics and not culture.

And there are a number of studies that show that emotional response to a piece of music is pretty consistent, even to pieces of music outside of the subject's culture. Rising not progressions tend to evoke happier feelings. Minor keys tend to raise anxiety - even in infants with no cultural influence.

Music is as near to the universal language as we have, outside of MESE influences.
tr i couldn't live without it...
it's like the air- for me..
. . 040608
pete she sent me a cd full of mp3 files with her letter :) finally a reason to put my computer back to gether, it has been lying on the floor in pieces for a few weeks now 040609
lilcheznip Would you rather lose your vision or lose your hearing? I vote vision. As beautiful as the gift of sight can be, the music we hear everyday, whether it be melodic and rythmic or simply the sound of ambience, is what provides the true essence of that beauty. Without it, I am lost. 040621
hsg the mind dancing 040721
Death of a Rose Music, when soft voices die,
Vibrates in the memory-
Odours, when sweet violets sicken,
Live within the sense they quicken.
Rose leaves, when the rose is dead,
Are heaped for the beloved's bed;
And so they thoughts, when thou are gone,
Love itself shall slumber on.

Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792 - 1822)

headover imperfect echos of the imperfect Mind in perfect harmony 040916
t.r his voice is music to me and I know that he makes cd's and that lot of people love his voice.. but when the night comes in, when he leaves all this starbeing outside and steps into my room, he says words to me with his voice that sound like.. real music to me.. 041006
god anything can be music 041006
I like to spank and funk Music is the sound eyes would make if they could speak 050124
milo makes me feel so much better

i do smile
twiz Bjork
Venetian Snares (and his collaboration with Speedranch where they linked over ICQ and made beautiful music together)
Aphex Twin
Beethoven, Bach, etc...
Pachelbels Cannon in D Minor
Fluff Master is an incredible song
The subject matter never changes..
Dollmaker is bad feelings
Aaron Funk is a genius
Good audio hardware makes a difference
but a good song is a good song, and will speak to you none the less
ive memorized the noise beats
can tap my fingers on the desk to them
ive only once cried from a song, and i didnt even like the song that much..
She even enjoyed the noise, the stuff that my friends all said wasnt even music, Meta Abuse, loud violent scarcely a melody, pounding pounding pounding in my head, blotting out all thought forcing me to listen, beautiful, calming, numbing music faster more violent, more NOISE, GIVE ME MORE NOISE. it was about damn time someone made music like this
Venetian Snares + Speedranch
album: Making Orange Things
Bjork is enchanting
her music is among the most beautiful and powerful ive ever heard
a little genius from iceland
Sarah got me interested, we share music tastes almost completely
not enough can be said about the power of music, of noise, of sound. it is the most powerful form of communication
seuadr Music - the canvas on which memories dance 050216
Moi Isn't music suppose to give someone joy? Isn't it suppose to be something that one desires to do, not something forced? I feel forced. The prof takes the joy out of playing. Makes it so unbearable I just don't want to do it. 050407
epitome_of_incomprehensibility I wish I could sit down at the piano and spontaneously compose things. A friend from choir can do this and I am admittedly jealous... but jealousy is unreasonable. Why do some people take more pleasure in their own creations than others' yet still unfavourably compare the two??? Another enigma.
Anyway, I'm glad Mozart and I were born centuries apart; if I knew him, I would hate him. Just kidding but yeah.
monkey out in space despite all the fucked up mess- despite me and
my subordinates,
my past, and
my ignorances - my defects - my raw.
there is sound still and
for as long [there will be hope]
her royal highness the quirk it still moves me to tears. i'm not as numb and jaded as i thought. 051212
12152005 Google improves music searches 051216
you boom cha-boom cha-boom 060228
[:T_o_x_i_c___C_y_b_o_r_g:] I like many sub-genres of music: industrial, ebm, darkwave, powernoise, electro, synthpop, 80's, celtic, older metal, black metal, mood music, trance, and many unclassifiable bands/groups also. 061115
hsg endless hours of mp3s burned into convenient cds. long bike rides. day after day. rechargable_batteries. 070211
skinny i hear a song some times, and i would kill for it. i'd give away everything to be a part of this... 070218
roast hello skinny boy
did you have a nice dinner ?
skinny religious_experience 070218
skinny why yes.. :0

who this is????
list i'm worried i'm falling out of love with music. it was my everything for so long, but now i'm not sure.

i can't give up on the only thing that ever really mattered. but i just can't get the chills anymore when i listen to neutral milk hotel; i don't cry when i hear sufjan stevens or the beatles or elliott smith. i'm even tired of dancing to of montreal. and i'm scared!!
hsg trance_loves_me_into_it 080107
hsg only_thing_worth_a_fuck 090321
n o m i "have nothing professional going on". 120625
unhinged rondo et capricioso by camille saint-saens

i can play about 60% of it now. thanks seattle public library
birdmad the truest constant in my universe...

my tastes branch out here and there, i refuse to remain mired in only the things that entertained me when i was young, never hearing or tasting anything new, snobbishly writing off anything after some self-determined milestone as noise or shit
unhinged *introduction et rondo capriccioso


i recently discovered the scenester_bitches were right on with mgmt
oren to_my ears. 120627
Theo its great 161220
Ezra It's the nutshack! 161224
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