jane she figured out the reason she was doomed to be alone: she was too versatile. she could party hard with the druggies, drink hard with the boys, laugh or weep with the girls, write & recite poetry with the poets, paint with the artists, and talk about politics with the law school kids. her problem was that no one was as multifaceted as she was, so she was doomed to have groups of stereotypcial friends, beyond the duality of rationalism & romanticism. so she kept inside her shell, never really letting herself go, except when she was alone. those nights were simple within complexity; she knew how she felt but she could never dissect it. always uncomfortable in her own skin because she never really knew what her own skin depicted. she used different methods of escapism and some of them were satisfying, but they all ceased to deliver after a while. everything does, i suppose. 040412
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