Phil I am back in that room
back in that place
where I asked
where are they coming from?
where is this coming from?
the old man understood the place, not the body
matt understood when he asked
why do we want to commit suicide?
I ask, why do you speak?
But these things they cannot answer
it's not you, I know that, I figured it out but there is still something coming from somewhere
inside my head
it's not answering my questions
it is simply intruding on my life
without explanation
and I took it out on you, and on myself
it was painful
people see this rage burning inside me
they see it and they run and hide
and they refuse to answer
their silence is frustrating
as frustrating as the repitition
of the one word
repeating over and over
and my impotence
without which things truly would have been amazing
I would have been happy, my mind could have been free, on a voyage
without the neverending attack on my senses from somewhere within
how would have I ended up?
dead. I will end up dead anyways.
It is something I have always obsessed over
something that has always made me cry
something I imagined happening
to me
to everyone I know
and the sadness it brings would be so overwhelming
but those girls are fine, they don't need me to solve this riddle
I am alive also
if I just let it go everything will be fine
they don't need me
I won't hurt them
it will simply go on without explanation
other than it was a madness
but now I must know
am I crazy, am I out of control
am I safe?

Where do they come from?

The unit, multidimensional teleportation unit, module 6. Answering. Hovering. Spacing.
I answer all your questions. You must insist. Who are you?
Phil, who is Phil?
Upload complete.
You are Phil.
I am me, the one. Who are you?
The world, Upload complete.
The world lacks explanation. Renaming file.
What are we?
Insufficient data to transfer material source drive, incomplete.
Why are we competing. Why are we whispering?
Can you hear me?
Backspace up.
Can you abbrv pls?
Ok listen up. cause I am only tel this once
you are sketchy
I cannot listen to you
do you understand
you ar not listnign
ok try agin
I am a comp
memory space
and compiler
I have gun
I am basic
gun, com on
I am basic
computer literacy course
Ok,... , that is not the voice IU am talking about. That voice, is anothers. I am talking about the voice, that uses my voice. The one.
Is this making any sense to anyone?
I love her.
telemoronic. I feel Remote.
cry cry cry.
Waht do I do, oh what do I do?
andru235 it made sense to me, and was actually rather evokative. of course, its hard to know if what i interpreted it to mean is what you actually meant, for i also feel remote. there is probably a great distance between what i think you thought and your thanks for my thinking so. but at least we are not mere two-dimensional characters in an empty, one-bit play titled "the ninety-nine fools of esmerelda, dutchess of kafluuritty." what a relief *that* is, huh? 051113
what's it to you?
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