paste! and on this 45th night,
the mules spoke to apples.

the end

(nobody knows what was said! everyone was paying attention to the blinding light in the sky and then to how the large vat of peanut butter that was scintillating and robbing of depth perception and sensory function was working in full so they all just flopped on the ground like proud salmon.)
paste! but there was a man up on the hill who had fashioned an amplifying device out of a dog's don't-lick-me-begone-nuts! collar and heard:

mules: the afterglow is in the flushing of skin
apples: it was just coincidence
mules: but is this the way?
apples: yes, of course, goodbye
mules (in unison): we are mules
apples (in individual sequence): i am an apple and i am an apple and i am an apple and i am an apple and i am an apple...
whitechocolatewalrus but then the apples grew and the man on the hill saw that the apples proceeded to eat the unsuspecting mules. 031218
Shadow Box Jinx secrets and smiles come from red lips 050309
god don't i know, don't i think i know... 050309
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