pynk This is my word. You may not have it. It has many meanings. Such as:
Too far!
I don't know.
Ahh! You frightened me!
Ew, look at what she's wearing.
That's shocking!
Won't you do it for me?
Etc, etc.
Dafremen Sorry do0d. It's not your word...well maybe those definitions are yours, but it traditionally means MY as in "muh bud" or "muh dog" or "muh balls itch."

I believe it originated with cartoonist Don Martin of MAD magazine...I could be completely wrong on that one though.(His cartoons usually had no dialogue but occasionally he would slip single blurbs in there. I believe the lines was "That's muh..(car)(boat)(suitcase)!!" something like that.
niska HAHA 'muh balls itch'...
tom says this ALL the time!

i guess at their core, all men really are the same...
what's it to you?
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