silentbob Named after the section number of the high school jazz class where many of the group's members first met, the self-described "psycho-ska" band MU330 was formed in St. Louis, Missouri in 1988. Originally comprising vocalist/guitarist Dan Potthast, vocalist/trumpeter John Skavanaugh, bassist Chris Diebold, saxophonist Matt Knobbe, keyboardist Matt Struckel and drummer Ted Moll, MU330's lineup changed regularly, and by the release of the 1994 debut Press, Struckel had already exited. Skavanaugh and Knobbe soon left the group as well, with vocalist Jason Nelson, trumpeter Nick Baur and saxophonist Traygen Bilsland all joining long enough to record 1996's Chumps on Parade before all three again went their own way. The core trio of Potthast, Diebold and Moll were joined by trombonists Rob Bell and Gerry Lundquist in time to record the third MU330 record, 1997's Crab Rangoon. Winter Wonderland followed two years later. -- Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide 000802
silentbob Tune Me Out
turn it on turn it on and tune me
out it's so romantic you and me and your tv
we made dinner with candles
bagels and lox and we watched cops
i think i forgot what your eyes look like
when they're not reflecting 90210
turn it on and tune me out
you don't need intimacy
turn it on and tune me out
you've got big screen tv
we sat hand in hand
i watched you watch your tv
you fell asleep to baywatch
mitch saved babes as i watched the clock
i wonder are you dreaming
and should i keep believing
do i mean more to you than
so much more to you

Inside Me
Nothin' gets inside me
nothin' gets under my skin
nothin' gets inside my head
yeah yeah yeah

just this past friday night
everything felt right
till some bozo went and ruined it all
dickhead jumped up on the stage seig-heiled
jumped back down again crowd dragged
him outside and beat him down
we might be broke chumps
but no we don't need your five bucks
oh no you and your racist friends stay home
go start a fight at your house

just this past saturday night
everything felt wrong
we got kicked out before it
on ted was skating around the bar
the bouncing owner went too far
we got the boot that night
we made now friends
we might be broke chumps
no we don't need your attitude
i'm not gonna beat no money outta you
who needs your money rooms and dinner

tell me all about your neighbor
tell me something i don't know
his chest is thicker
i don't have to measure
i know that it's bigger
i don't know about your neighbor
please don't talk about your neighbor
i don't want to hear his name
he's built like a barrel
and his arms are large
and my arms are skinny
i really fear your neighbor
he probably owns a gun
but doesn't need it
he could squish me like a bug
and fix your car at the same time
i just lost you to your neighbor
but i don't think that he's your type
he's always there and he makes you cook
and you never cook
retrieve a beer for your new neighbor
where did i fall short
when did you get so bored
where did i fall short
when did you get so annoyed
JizNOLA I just wanted to say that MU330 is, without a doubt, my #1 favorite band! They are the best and that's all there is to say about them. 010126
silentbob iowa city. tomorrow night. 7 bucks at the door. 010830
nocturnal I am insanely jealous. If anyone hears of them coming to Austin, you'll probably know before I will, so please let me know. god I love those guys. 010830
nemo i live in st louis... i remember when they just started out, and the drummer lived down the block from my friend 010830
silentbob Aug 31 Iowa City, IA Gabes
Sept 1 Decatur, IL Bounce Fest
Sept 2 Rockford, IL On the Waterfront Fest
Sept 3 Minneapolis, MN Profile Music Center
Sept 4 Milwaukee, WI Globe Theater
Sept 7 Chicago, IL Fireside Bowl !
Sept 8 St. Louis, MO Creepy Crawl
Sept 9 Indianapolis, IN The Festivilla
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