Miss W. The similarities between the characters vary in degree, but some could not have gone entirely unnoticed; for instance, the time both Mr. C and Miss W went camping without flashlight, sleeping bag or matches, but not neglecting to bring a fantasy novel! Certainly, some of the writers responsible for the career path of Mr. C have not been entirely ignorant of these strange events. Mr. C is now an actor, of course, but he is known particularly for his work as a motion_capture actor - that is to say, much of Mr. C's work has consisted of having his every movement reproduced by another character. Sometimes he acts with glasses on which show the character following his movements (one imagines this must be a rather disorienting experience!). 061128
Bree Mr C we are sorry. All of SMC is here for you and sends our love.
For you and your children.
We know Helena will forever be in your heart, and in the hearts of all she touched.
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