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The Power of God, instead of Tiger(s)...
birdmad and neither have left a forwarding address 040414
stork daddy and remind me to get my car while i'm at it lest i be ticketed. 040414
werewolf if i could move heaven and earth, i don't know if i'd move them closer together or farther apart. 040414
white_wave i collect heavenly and earthly objects. then when i have to move to a new house, i have to get rid of a few things. i wander like a gypsy, moving constantly. then the cycle starts again. why doesn't all of heaven and earth fit in the back of a van? 040414
misstree because if it did, you would drown in a sea of your own trinkets. heaven and earth both fit inside a walnut. it's the pieces of the past and the armor against the futures that take up all the space. just pack right now.

is currently purging her posessions.
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