MisterFunkadelic "Hey Nigga..."

--your mama so black, she wore orange lipstick and somebody mistook her for a cheeseburger

--your mama so old, the bitch farts dust

--your mama got a glass eye with a fish in it

--your mama got a afro with a chinstrap

--your mama so ugly, she sent her picture to ripleys believe it or not, they sent that shit back and said, We don't believe it!

--your mama so stupid, her can of orange juice said concentrate, bitch stared at it for two hours

--your mama so fat, she wore a pair of rollerskates and got flats

--your mama got a wooden leg with a kickstand

--your mama so fat she jump up in the air and got stuck

--your mama so stupid you give her a penny for her thoughts you get back change
MisterFranklin ...your mama's so broke, her bolgna ain't got no first name 011128
MisterFunkadelic oops, gave myself away a little there...

beau sia yo momma's so ugly, they call her face the place where god isn't. 020126
MisterFunkadelic --your mama so black, fireflies chase her around in the daytime 020204
... your momma's so fat her belt size is the equator

that one, i think, is typical
User24 yo mamma's so ugly she looked outta the window...

.. got arrested for mooning.
princess yo mama's so fat, when they yell "HEY KOOL-AID" she comes crashin' through the wall. 020612
Kristopher "Yo momma's glasses so thick, when she look at a map, she can see people waving." 030119
stork daddy your momma's so ugly...when she goes to the doctor...he prescribes himself drugs....

your momma's so fat...she can only use a scale once.

your momma's so skinny...she only needs one pants leg.

your momma's so fat...a representative from her ass sits in on united nations meetings

your momma's so fat and stupid she thought weapons of mass destruction was the diet that would finally work.

your momma's so ugly that when she goes to the zoo, the animals look at her.

your momma's so stupid that when the instructions said...just add water....she needed a calculator

your momma's so stupid and ugly that she forgot to breathe and no one reminded her.

your momma's such a skeaze, that she calls the room next to her bedroom the waiting room.

your momma's so fat that she got pulled over for not having a license plate...and she was walking.

don't you worry...i ain't even done with your momma...i'm coming back for more...and i'm bringing my coupons.
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