wingedSerpent frankly, between janet jackson's breat popping out on TV sunday and FCC chairman michael "i got this job 'cause my dad's a cabinet member" powell and his well practiced angst and outrage over it, i have to say that while i'm not offended by the tit, i was offended by the twit

if powell doesn't think that this sort of thing is "what the general public wants" i'm sure that of the hundreds of millions of viewers there were maybe a few hundred to a few thousand complaints and millions of digital recorders and VCR's tracking back to the flash

i'd let the story die, but little mikey powell wants to "launch a probe" into the incident, which means some team of guys at the FCC is going to sit around reviewing the tape over and over again on my nickel, on my tax dollars in much the same way that under ronald "i can't recall" reagan attorney general Edwin Meese had a commission studying obscenity who basically spent a few YEARS looking for, buying and watching as many varieties of porn as they could get their hands on just so they could try and determine how obscene it was (yeah....right....sure... i wonder what their monthly kleenex and lotion bill was in that branch of the Department of Justice while that commission was toiling away)

and what do you think the odds are that the group of people who do get appointed to the jackson-breast incident will be the type who, as they say "don't get out much"

after all in this current incarnation of the american government more so than any before it, the common policy is "Let's have the situation evaluated by somebody we know whose conclusions will satisfy our preconceived notions anyway"

i mean, shit, after all how else do you explain the now much-hyped "intelligence failures" that the Punk Ass Bitch in residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is using as an excuse, ignoring the fact that the same people who are being accused of overstating the potential threat posed by Iraq are the same people who the Punk Ass Bitch was accusing of getting in his way and underestimating the threat leading up to the war in Iraq

and on that note, Novenmber and January have been the two deadliest months for Coalition forces since the May 1 declaration of the end of "Major combat operations" in spite of the news coming from the usual gang of Washington DC spin doctors and bush apologists that attacks and general insurgent violence were on a downward trend following the capture of saddam hussein.

worst still is this insane notion that the white house keeps trying to propagate that the worse the attacks in Iraq are, the better we must be doing

who_the_what_the ????

So, the more of our troops and iraqi police and civillians in general get killed, the more desperate and close to defeat the enemy must be?

What the fuck are they smoking and why haven't they legalized it so the rest of us can live in that fantasyland?

I can only hope that saddam gets an international trial so that maybe he can implicate pretty much half of the current republican power base for building him up back when it was convenient for them to do so.

this has been a test of the emergency birdmad ranting system

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