amy would you mind it if I started to become more noticeable? 030722
sixteen not sure what youre referring to,

but in any situation, someone is bound to mind.

and its best if you go ahead and do what you want. fuck them all!

sort of.
grendel some days, the signs point to less.

those are the defensive days

express less
expose less
risk less

never quite willing or able to close off completely

and there are no signs to mark the inbetween_days
DannyH Yes. I think we're all grown up enough to handle it. 030723
Strideo would you notice it if I started to become more noticeable?
amy i was referring to an internal process the mind vs. heart business. in my somewhat particular case, Dad vs. Mom. 030723
monee less blood 041202
what's it to you?
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