Alden If the fly lowers six inches, the pussy gets wet. 030902
kx21 Why did ~ If
the Chicken ~ the fly
cross ~ lowers...

the Road = ?

M Answer / PCA:-


* moral_of_the_story = what_a_fuss *
Syrope that each time you make me feel worse about myself, the less horrible i feel for not giving in to you. 030904
trixie seated in the corner of a distant memory
she inhales and remembers the good times
only to let it go in her harsh breath out
the moment has only just passed and her wounds are still a little open
and still all too new
however she picks up her sheild again
and gains the strength in her sad arms to raise her sword from the dust
as she walks on in the direction of her kindered fleet
she turns, but only for a moment,
to recall what once was and what perhaps was not
hears the call of her masses and runs off
only to leave the heavy grip of the past alone to haunt a new passerby
and twist its warm muscular magic into another innocent and tender lone soldier
who is too afraid to fight.
notme don't forget your coat 040328
Bush "Having_said_that___..." 050222
what's it to you?
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