Tess Moonchild still lives in my heart
Can I ask you something?
Is your life better now?

Sometimes I feel you're sitting next to me
and listening to my stories
Time always shows me
it's hard to understand
how to be myself

moonlight dries your tears
moonlight hides your fears

sometimes i feel you're smiling at me
and telling me your memories
tide always moves fast
can you tell me how to find words inside a shell?

"Moonchild" by Cibo Matto from Stereotype A
bee once a month
i'm a moonlight child.
my mother doesn't know it.
i never fully show.

it's twisted and sad, but still
very pretty.
MollyCule name of Bastian's mom in The NeverEnding Story 000521
silentbob YOu can actually tell what he SAYS in that movie at that point??? Her name is Moonchild?? so my whole childhood of me pondering and wondering and finally coming to the conclusion that she has no name, that it's supposed to be whatever you think the most beautiful word in any language is, like whatever you want the green light in the pulp fiction suit case is, thats actually wrong, and her name is actually MOONCHILD?????????????????!
Pythagorus The light in the breifcase in Pulp Fiction is Marcellous Wallaces Soul. 010827
silentbob says you 040323
what's it to you?
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