andrea scratching nails on the chalkboard
drill a hole in his head
watch the yellow ooze
while my little dog's red tongue
greedily laps it up
butterflies hatch, born again
why can't i fly away, too?
scars are the storytellers of the skin
& abnormal behavior stems from betrayal
my skin reeks of old
& i reel, frozen, back in time
show me where my flowers grow
i promise, i'll be good
can't i go out & play?
the summer heat seeps in the screen
& i smash my face against the
cool metal longing to be like all
the others outside being kids
scribble, scribble, cross out his name
grind the red crayon into a ball of wax
i'm pleading for my innocence
when the phone rings only to find out
she'll be late coming home from work
no hamburger helper for supper tonight
he's got another treat planned

copyright 2000
aradia I must have been a pretty litte girl, I must have been something .To make them touch me they way they did, to lead me here. 000528
WoNDERGIRL but your words, they molest my dreams
to the point of no return, it seems
Robin wind up doll with sullen eyes
wind up doll with silent cries
ruba there are some things you dont know about that i think when you sit near me. like maybe it just doesnt scare you because you know what scared really feels like. you cant hide that behind your glasses. i see your eyes judging the screen. 021108
girl_jane I'm sorry he did that to're his son-

What a sick fuck.
jane "i don't want to talk about it"

"you don't have to"

"no, i really don't! don't make me!"

"i'm not going to make you do anything. i'm here to listen to what you have to say."

"i don't want to talk about it. when he left the room, and they started talking to me, like rats, they did. and then don't want to talk about it."

"it's okay. you don't have to."
rEz u ppl have problems.... 031009
silentbob u dunt No wut yr tawking a-bout 031010
Lemon_Soda ... 031010
Death of a Rose violation without consent, despicable dead people that do this. 031010
endless desire wide-eyed little girl
soft pale skin
curious world
dazzling mind

who knew someone would take advantage of that?

the worst part is she always thought it was her fault. and why no one blames her now, she'll never understand.

touch poke rub feel
too scared he won't love you
if it doesn't feel right.

there are some lessons she learned far to quickly.
endless desire family makes me sick.
the walls remind me of places.
family? did they expect me to tell on my brother?
must protect him
no one can no
deepest darkest secret
who knows what trouble we'd all be in?
i was just a little girl
and i had all this weight.

repeated incidents.
and i grew older
and i wouldn't let it happen again.
imagine that...
and now these people are coming to the house to ask us questions. and now my world is changing and now i can't keep up with it...
what's it to you?
who go