dondeestanlosjaguares sing your song, there is nothing wrong,
you hide your feelings with that sweet little tune

sing all day, fly, chirp, and play,
nobody should notice what you mock today

fly little bird, you know you're on top,
sing little bird, I can never get enough of your song
(to be continued. . .)
phil mockingbird I'll kill you 020731
birdmad i am long since a mockery of what i used to be. 020731
dondeestanlosjaguares tell me little bird that never sits on a human's hand, tell me what it is that makes you make others feel so bad.

chirp and don't let them hear you, because they might come after you.

but you don't care! sing your heart away and let them figure out you're simply giving your own touch to the songs they can't perfect. Sing little mockingbird, since you are on top, nobody can touch you, not one with wings or feathers.

(to be continued. . .)
trin hush little baby,
don't say a word,
daddy's gonna buy you a mockingbird.
and if that mockingbird doesn't sing,
daddy's gonna buy you a diamond ring.
taojones i've always liked the word---i guess i never really stopped to find out much about the animal itself.

i like to separate the three syllables:

mock ing bird.

it makes me think of a girl who long ago hurt my feelings; i guess that's stupid---to dwell on the past. we shouldn't let those fixed moments we cannot change alter the course of our present and future selves.

but i still do (dwell), and i still sometimes think of her when i see the word written, when i hear it spoken, when i see the bird flying far away from me...
LavenderTraces super wild thing
don't I know you
hiding in thunder
caught between the
the lotus and the flower

super wild grrl
you're covered in slashes
buried in shadows
with red cactus splashes

woundshot grrl
with your mockingbird gang
throwing words like jax
and love like rain
kid andre How DO you kill a mockingbird? 050427
mockingbird all them fuckers gotta catch me first.

i'm daffy goddamn duck over here

I am no one but myself I've always wanted a mockingbird. so free so loved so much beauty

The things left untouched maintain their beauty, which is why the mockingbird is so icredibly fast. they run from things before they get hurt.
emmi sing me a song in your own voice 060211
what's it to you?
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