typhoid i see you skating.. i see your dreams. a total blackness.. negative nitrous. only your teeth and eyes remain. i will see you in your dreams, if my guide takes me there.
kipper I see you enter the room, all fresh and bathed and beautiful. I am sitting in the chair by the window, you don't see me because you only exist in my memory. Twenty years past, smiling, i love you. You towel your hair roughly, and laugh at a joke that i suppose i must have made. The past me is not here, only the present. I start to cry because i miss you so much.

From the kitchen you hear me crying and enter by the same door. I know that you are looking at me but cannot control my tears. When i finally look up, all i can see is disappointment on your face. I know that you are thinking that i am not the man you thought you were marrying all those years ago.
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