blown cherry likes jigsaws I spent all day thinking about how the pieces fit.
So many pieces of this great big complex jigsaw puzzle that makes up the great big complex mess that is us.
So many pieces fit.
So many slide together with ease.
And they join up with the other pieces.
They all link to make up a great big complex picture.

But there is a piece missing.
The bit where the love gets reciprocated is not there.
There is instead a hole.
But from where I am sitting I can see the entire picture, and my brain,
great big complex organ that it is, automatically fills in the gap, following the patterns,
and painting in the colours that surround it to enable me to see a complete picture in my head.

I can imagine clearly the piece that is supposed to be there.
The missing piece.

But wait.
It's not a missing piece.
The piece was never there in the first place.
The jigsaw evolved to exist without that piece.
Even though the puzzle seems incomplete without it,
and makes the surrounding pieces seem all jumbled and confused,
and makes the entire picture basically incoherent,
that is the way it is.

Now it is simply a matter of getting my brain to stop resolving the
not-missing piece,
and accept the fact that the great big complex mess that is us, simply is a great big complex mess that no missing pieces can solve.
reitoei actually the missing peice got left in your jeans pocket and has now vanished with a aging sock and that garish tie. 020527
devalis something missing
you think it's me
let me tell you
I ain't the key

with the many pieces
that you've lost
how could just this one
have higher cost?
oak barrel just one piece
out of many
but I thought this one
would act differently

I cannot underdstand how
you could forget so completely
We could be great friends.
squint once, this teenage girl was telling me about how she ahd this theory that life was just a puzzle, and she wrote this poem about it and all these people thought she was amazing, and think about it...its like the box is our bodies and...

i tried not to laugh.

(it didn't work)

[i wanted to tell her that metaphor is a rather common thing]

(never bothered)

[everyone lets ME have MY fun. she can have hers]
squint are our bodies* 021001
megan time 030301
forever endeavor "I was hoping that I perhaps could roll with you..." said the Missing Piece.

"You cannot roll with me," said the Big O, "but perhaps you can roll by yourself."

"By myself? A missing piece cannot roll by itself."

"Have you ever tried?" asked the Big O.

by Shel Silverstein.

niska wow. i can't believe there's another person who had that book. it's a great story. 030305
kss make piece not war 030305
blown cherry I found the piece afterall.

And now it all makes sense.
god makes a puzzle more puzzling 030620
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