ClairE Um, I talked to Mirah.

In the bathroom.

She was on the phone telling someone she did want to see them for their birthday, and I didn't know she was Mirah.

And I said, "It's my birthday today," because I am the kind of person who talks to strangers in the bathroom.

And she said, "Oh, what is today? Her birthday was yesterday."

And I said, "A lot of people seem to be born now. I guess it's Valentine's Day syndrome."

"Oh, I never thought of that." Her eyes were very green.

"Yeah, I don't know what the case was for my parents, and I don't think I really need to know." Then I left the bathroom.

She was wearing this sweater that was blue and had all these radio dials on it. It is hard to explain but it was very cool. Then as I was sitting at the concert, it slowly dawned on me that the girl with the sweater and the spiky hair and the glasses was probably Mirah.

Later on, after a spectacular concert (Anna_Oxygen, Khaela as The_Blow, and Mirah herself), I went up to Khaela to buy Mirah's you think it's like this but really it's like this, and I wanted The Blow CD as well, and I only had $17 because I had bought blueberry soap and Pears soap at the dollar store earlier, and I asked Khaela if I could have two for $17, since it was my birthday.

She said that her birthday was yesterday, and that she would give me hers for seven dollars. "Oh, yeah, you're the one with the birthday." I looked up and Mirah was standing right there, drinking from a water bottle.


They wished me happy_birthday and Khaela told me it was nice that I came to see them on my birthday, and I said, "Well, where else would I be?", but they didn't hear me and then I came home to my room and now I am listening to Mirah's recorded voice singing, "I know I'm still alive," and when I heard her sing it tonight it brought tears to my eyes.
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