MollyGoLightly sometimes i wish i were catholic, so i could kneel before the pretty saints. 000601
SCOTT we are all miracles, our lives and passions, dreams, hopes,

we are all amazing in our own ways,
and i have to be thankful
i think
Casey I think it is a miracle that I actually was able to get back here. I was finally able to isolate myself from everything keeping me busy, even if it may only be for a short time. But before I have to return to reality, I'm going to blather my ass off 011006
)-( whip 011006
crazy sniffable appeal 011029
harry pothead miracles happen when i awaken! to the left, to the right, i turn subconsciencelessly.. subconsciencelessly.. what an odd word. 020226
NearPerfecTheory The manifestation of True Love. 020308
god night, nic. 020331
gregory what miracle is this? 040621
love & hate Was all that she was, a perfection undescribable, only a miracle of this world. Showing us what great goodness it can create in such hatred and darkness. 040621
pete a name, a memory, etched into my soul deeper than even the 'p's of mount purgatory. i could ascend a thousand times, live in antepurgatory for thousands of years, dance in the fires of the highest cornice and still it would remain. no one, not even my beatrice, could ever bring tears to wash it away.

the light shakes as it emits its heat, stealing the oxygen from the crowded room, where one stands and smiles into the clouds of smoke.

he stands ontop of the table and shouts out his message to the gathered sinners. they smile and clink their glasses in acceptance of his good word. the miracle, they thought, has come. with this last drink, they thought, control could be exerted over the body.

he muses as he tries not to cough. this is an interesting gathering. i am one and all, whole and above. i am representative of all their failings and their salvation. he becomes light headed. the air has grown to thick. the oxygen has left. and he passes out.

waking hours later with her sitting by his bed, the one who spoke smiles. she was not at the gathering, but always resided in his thoughts. "think of me" she whispered and he smiled. "always, star, always."

two days later he woke again and she was gone. though her spirit remained, the body had vanished into the routines of daily life. wanting to be by her side again he focused his soul upon healing his body. he strove to make himself better. his body sweat and his soul wept. he stood up. he fell back down again.

when he woke she was back. he was almost fulling healed she said. the doctors would release him soon, that is if he didn't try anything silly again. she passed him a cup of ice cream. he put it on the table side and talked to her. the ice cream melted. he drank it with a straw. she smiled. her eyes shone. he loved.

"i remember running through the wet grass" she began. he smiled and continued the lyric "falling in step behind." her eyes grew warm "all the time never tiring." he sat up straight, swinging his legs off the bed "desperately wanting." their eyes met and he tried to stand, failing. she took his hand and asked him to rest, saying that she'd be back. a nurse came in and gave him some medicine. fog rose.

when he woke the stars shone out the window. an owl sat in a try, facing away. slowly its head turned in a half circle. it smiled at him and hooted. he smiled back and turned towards the door. she stood there, looking ragged. "go sleep star" he said. she shook her head and sat down on the floor by his bed. he smiled again and looked at the owl, but it was gone.

the next day he woke at home in his bed. she was making breakfast downstairs.
hsg looking at things from a different angel... from a different point_of_you.

add justa shiftin' perception.

pivot, shift, & ahhh.

hidden soulution

soulyoushun found again. hahaha!
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