Mahayana chrome plated endings

sabbie holding their empty

p2 where my heart
used to be
sylphide Amelie 030503
anomalous forest floor 050420
z boxes often contain darkness 050420
camille encase the blue skies and laughter of my childhood 050420
z shake them! they rain from skies uninvented and new with morning eyes and yellow beam dust cloud in way away of drift sleep lesson darkness never opened but rusted and lid unopened and stops 050421
- - 081021
In_Bloom I supposed most people have a least one they carry about
Some of decorative strings, chains, tethers- whatever
birdmad it's like the junk_drawer of my soul, obscure things rattle about with the loose change and stray buttons, the random thoughts clumped together with the sticky resin born from the sweetness of memory and the dust of decaying time. broken things, trinkets, a few dreams and cracked reflections with sharp edges sometimes lie beneath the layers, pricking our scrabbling fingers as we go digging thru looking for whatever it was, that nameless, shapeless idea that was on the tops of our heads and the tips of our tongues but upon which we never could quite get a handle 081021
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