Achilleus The reality is we're protected from most of the evil.
Nothing bad can touch us, for the most part.
So I won't talk to you of war and you won't mention famine.
The other horsemen won't even get a look-in.

So whens this revolution gonna start?
I don't see you quitting your job, unless its for a raise.
Where's all your passion gone?
All I see is mindless optimism.

Your paycheck doesn't impress me.
Did you do anything that you believe in to get it?
I don't care about your clients or your big deadline.
Whatever you need to keep towing your meaningless line.

So is there still revolution in your heart?
I don't see you quitting your job, now you're working Saturdays.
You used to espouse activism...
Now all I see is mindless optimism.
. Better than mindless_pessimism, albeit just barely. 070916
REAListic optimIST sometimes we need a break
from all that activism
and intentional optimism
because once you start
putting out that kind of energy, everyone plugs in to charge up,
and few give back even a spark.

Of course, the ones who do give back - bright and full of compassion -
catalyze a whole flurry of responses, but sometimes... sometimes...
you just need to waste away for awhile blinded by mindless_optimism

to recharge the drive to see and be above it all again for a while
in action and in heart;
to bear the brutal truth
with an easy smile.
Lemon_Soda I think the term "mindless" should be reserved for things that don't have minds. I'm pretty sure people feel they way they do, all the time, because they feel they have a good reason. Empathy, please. The facts don't screw thing sup as often as two people who fundamentally agree on everything, but they don't "feel" the same. 070917
daf The fact that the phrase "mindless optimism" seems to have negative connotations, shows how "intellectually oriented" human society has become. Intellect is but a tool. It is an amazing tool, but it is a limited tool, and in the end, a somewhat dangerous tool to use. The risk is being deluded by your own thought processes. That's why it is foolish to become too dependent upon them.

Mindless optimism..as camp and sickeningly sweet as it seems to be, has a very primitive wisdom attached to it:

If you are putting out energy, and it isn't positive energy...then it is negative energy. What you give..is what you get. To defend yourself against negative energy in your surroundings, put off only good energy.
minnesota_chris when Alan Greenspan warned against "irrational_exuberance" I decided that that would be an excellent motto. 070918
sameolme In the beginning there was "irrational exuberance", and it was good.
Our "Big Bang" had no conductor.
"Irrational_exuberance" is the source and conductor of all.
Kuffed and Cooped that would be Chaos... !
no need to plan when sparks fly..
It seems to work better than having crap timetables and perfect grid systems. Some people walk around looking like a crapping filing cabinet carrying a posh leather suit case, i mean what is all that about?

you are 5 minutes late, how many times do i have to tell you, TIME IS MONEY, MONEY IS TIME AND MONEY IS LIFE.
how much is your time worth?
how much is your life worth?

some people earn one dollar a day for how much work- you wouldn't want to know, but hey are lucky because they do not crave a new Prada suit, they simply want some rice and fresh vegetables.

maybe if you work harder you might get happy one day.
Lemon_Soda I don't have a BMW(I drive an Astro)but I DO have a nice, new valeese and briefcase. Thanks for the encouragment! It IS totally worth it to enjoy hard earned rewards...nobody just GAVE it to me, after all. 070919
somebody dear daf, there is also neutral energy, and there are "other" energies. careful with the categorizing, please. 070919
dafremen In the exchange of energies..neutral energies do not participate. Anti-energies tend to be wall flowers, quite possibly due to the fact that touching any non-anti-energy might set off a chain reaction which could destroy the known universe. Lot of responsibility to push off on an anti-particle if u ask me. 070919
fuffle yeah, if you use dead energy i.e. fossil fuels, ummmmmm well maybe it just isn't a good idea, we already worked that one out, whats the point in working something out if we are not prepaired to use electric cars? i don't understand, i must be thick or something. 070919
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