Timmy mexicans are putting a new roof on my house right now. the first day they got here, they wouldn't go into the back yard because of my black lab. they were scared shitless of him. its funny because he's real friendly and all he ever does is jump around and wag his tail, kinda like me in a fight at a baseball game. so the scared mexicans came to the front door and asked my mom to do something with him. so we have to keep him in the garage all day so he can lay big fat dog turds all over the place for me to pick up when i get home from big fat dog turd work. stupid mexicans. 010816
Dafremen My wife's Mexican. You sound like a very ignorant young man Timmy, did you know that? Sounds like you haven't done a hard day's work in your life. Picking up steaming labrador logs sounds like just the job for an ignorant, closeminded little twerp like you.

Justice is done.
Timmy Congratulations, Dafremen. My girlfriend is half-Mexican, as a matter of fact. Hot bush, if i do say so myself.
And, as a matter of fact, I have worked pretty hard before, for at least one summer, and I was with a bunch of mexicans. Most of whom were illegal immigrants, none the less.
I worked at a funeral home/graveyard the summer after my senior year of high school. At first, all i really did was wash the coaches and limos, mow, and do other miscellaneous park maintenance (spelling?) work. Then one of the lazy black dudes there decided he didn't like the heat, and wanted to wait until september to start working again. So, I took over his job of running the crematorium. So, along with mowing and raking and digging and shit in the Texas heat, I also had the interesting opportunity to burn up people's loved ones, and grind up their charred bones in a big metal blender type thing.
One time, I had to cremate a big fat mullet-headed hillbilly who died in a car wreck. He didn't even fit in the cardboard cremation box. It was a busy day - 4 cremations - so I had to finish one burn, rake out those bones, and put the big fella straight in, when the oven was still about 600 degrees fahrenheit. Well, the hillbilly decided to come off the little cardboard roller when he was about halfway in, so i tried to shove him the rest of the way in, but i'm a pussy so obviously i couldn't do it... only got him to where his knees were about even with the door (you have to put big people in head first, because when fat melts, it runs towards the head, so feet first = big grease fire). I went to get... we'll call him Frank (illegal alien) to help me, and when i got back, the box and the fat man inside it were on fire. I went to get my supervisors, came back, and the guy's legs were splitting open, and his gut was swelling from the heat. I grabbed the 12-foot stoker, and, with a feat of superhuman panic strength, stuck it right on his choad and shoved him all the way to the back wall of the oven, smashing his balls and his head in the process. By that time, my boss was standing at the door, and he said, and i quote "Well, son, reckon you handled that pretty well. I think I'd like to have you back next summer." Unable to reply, I just sat in a chair and was pale for a while. Needless to say, this summer I have a cushy office job. That was a really long story. Thank you for your time. The End.
Dafremen No your girlfriend is half-Hispanic or Latina.

Mexican is a nationality, not a genetic trait.

It appears as though you actually DO know what a hard days work is. I hope you realize that you're not alone. A lot of us work hard, most of us grumble about it, but not everyone blames their workload on everyone else's laziness, race or nationality.

How do you know the man left because he was lazy? Did he say, "Hey, this is too much work...I'm out of here"? Or did you assume that because you had to work harder, it must be because he was lazy, not because he found a better job or because he had personal business to attend to? Did the mere fact that the man was black prompt you to stick the label "lazy" on him?

He wasn't "this guy at my work", he was this "lazy black guy" you say.

They weren't "these guys I worked with", they were "a bunch of Mexicans, most of whom were illegal immigrants".

Why is that? Are you actually so sure that you're living on a planet with extraterrestrials and not human beings that you must differentiate? Has your intercultural ignorance left you so paranoid that everything and everyone unfamiliar must be placed in a labeled box of stereotypes?

Each of us is entitled to an opinion. Some of us take more than our fair share of them(guilty as charged).

We owe it to ourselves, if not anyone else, to form our opinions only after we understand the SUBJECT well enough to form a safe and accurate impression.

You have chosen NOT to reserve judgement until the holes in your understanding have been filled.

As a result your opinions are as accurate as the facts used to form them.

As we software engineers say: Garbage in...garbage out.

P.S. No, thank you...for YOUR time. With so much about people that you DON'T understand, your time is much more precious than mine. After all, you've got some catching up to do.
Timmy I didn't say I was blaming anybody for my work load. I actually appreciated the crematory job, because there was an air conditioner and a radio.
It WAS laziness that motivated the black dude to quit for the summer. He said himself that he just couldn't deal with the hot weather. I was getting paid with peanuts anyway, so the employers didn't mind spending a little less on wages for a summer.
The definition of "illegal immigrant" is someone who unlawfully changes residency from one country to another. That's exactly what these fellas did.
Another funny story -
Two of these I.I.'s and I were smoothing out a fresh grave, and a green and white city employee truck drove up. Unable to read the words "City of... the city i was in" on the side of the truck, one of the guys assumed it was INS and hollered "La Migra!" The two of them jumped on the tractor and took off back up to the garage. I laughed heartily.
I enjoyed those guys. Sure, they always told me I was going to hell because I like to listen to rock and roll, but other than that, they were always friendly, and they let me eat their food, and then laughed at me when the Chilean Insanity (habanero) peppers made my eyes water and my lips tremble. Habanero peppers are 1,000 times hotter than Jalapenos, by the way. Literally.
I do speak spanish moderately well, so there was some comraderie, and I had the decency never to bring up the fact that they were here illegaly. Also because our employer was a family friend of mine, and that just wouldn't be proper. He was saving money.
I'm just glad that, as long as they weren't paying any taxes (they were always paid in cash, apparently unrecorded) they weren't leaching off of regular taxpayers through that socialist abomination that is welfare.
You're right. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Yours is the accepted one above the Mason-Dixon line, and one that is gaining popularity below as well. Personally, I am a "good old boy." Grew up in conservative small town Texas. I'm about as close to Libertarian as you can come and still feel comfortable voting for Bush. I'm close enough to Dallas though that things now are growing and changing. Rapidly. Some things are for the better, like better schools and more jobs, but some things, like obnoxious self-rightous yankees moving in, starting home-owners associations and shit and trying to tell me that I can't have more than 2 trees in my front yard, can't park on the street in front of my own house, and every other fucking thing, and starting petitions to tear down the beautiful old Victorian houses in the historical part of town because its a commercial zone, THOSE things suck my ass. Thanks to them, I have a raw, clammy, bleeding ass. I've always gone to school with lots of Mex... HISPANIC people and enough Ni... African Americans to say that I haven't been necessarily culturally sheltered, and... I don't know where I'm going with that but there it is.
You're right, I am young - still a teenager - and I cannot say that I am anything but naive. But, all I've seen around MY hometown is that the vast majority of the poor, crime-plagued side of town is a black population, the English as a Second Language class leaves much to be desired as far as effectiveness, and that the only non-white person in my entire upper middle class sub-division is an Indian doctor. He was my pediatrician, in fact.
I don't really literally hate any one group of people. Not even really any individual, except maybe my horrible horrible economics teacher from this year at college. I think that racism in most cases is just funny. Me and my buddies make fun of each other all the time for our cultural roots. I get called a Polock, and I my best friend a Wop every day.
Sorry, kinda out of context... I just think it's kinda funny how you chastised me for being condescending towards minorities, but said nothing about my "mullet-headed hillbilly" comment. And no, there are none of those in my family, or my neighborhood, but there is a little inbred town just north of us. I chuckle thinking about it.
Making fun of any and all races is funny. As long as you don't decide to do something like make a black dude bite a curb, it's all fair game to me. Just another thing to laugh at. If you ask me, most of the racial "issues" rise from somebody being oversensitive, or feeling like they're a victime when in fact they've endured nothing, i.e. the black community wanting reparations for slavery, affirmative action (which in and of its self is technically racism/discrimination), etc. THAT kind of stuff makes ME bitter, and makes ME tend to be more of a blind-with-hatred, angry, ignorant racist.
To conclude, I don't literally hate anybody. It's just funny to joke about that kind of shit. I laugh at the reactions I get from all the illogical, panty-waste hippies on this site. At the same time, I appreciate your well thought out, logical arguments. I'm not too proud to say that you are a bit more worldly than I am or can really expect to be at such a young age, and you are probably my superior intellectually, as well.
Well, my boss is standing behind me, so I better get back to work here at my cushy office job. Later.
Dafremen What we seem to have here is a failure to communicate. Whether or not the Mexicans were illegal is irrelevant. The fact that you need to mention their ethnicity is the point. Hippies there MAY be here, but I doubt many here know much about hippies other than the stereotypes: drugs, sex and bell bottoms.

Wanting to get out of the heat is not laziness, as I suggested, he moved on to a more comfortable, better paying job(probably) and you call it "lazy" which just coincidentaly you plaster next to the adjective "black".

Furthermore, only SOME individuals within minority groups are reacting out of oversensitivity. The majority simply wish you would stop identifying them as minorities and start identifying them as Tom, George, Rogelio or Amad. They aren't bitching because they want reparations, they're complaining because you STILL have to tack the adjective BLACK or Mexican or Chinese or Arab in front of the word guy, or person or do0d, or man or woman or whatever word you are using to describe your subject.

You can't just say..."That guy that lives down the hill," you have to say "that BLACK guy that lives down the hill."
You wouldn't say, "That white guy down the hill." You say, "That guy that lives down the hill." Maybe you add: "In the blue house" or "With the Red Camaro"

I'm not sure how it is that you came to your conclusion anyhow. You know nothing about other cultures, how could you possibly know what they want? Of course, you couldn't. Your hypothesis is incorrect, once again because you have fed insufficient information into your decision making process.

You are a poor sad little guy. What's really sad is that you're obviously intelligent. Unfortunately, a screwdriver in the hands of a fool is little more than a weapon. Like all weapons handled carelessly, it's only a matter of time before you get hurt.

Hopefully you'll wise up one day. I'll be here when you do, and I won't be waiting to say "I told you so" either. No, I'm sure the sheepish look on your face and the sight of Timmy the mud man crawling up out of the mire will provide MORE than enough satisfaction...for both of us.
Effingham Fish racistsarepeopletoo 020511
freakizh i've met some that are actually great persons..

great debate upstairs.
poetic_onslaught MEXICANS KICK ASS 020513
poetic_onslaught what i mean is i love my people. we definately got some of the hottest chicks too. estamos de moda. at least around most places. 020513
locura de pajaro (birdmad) we don't like to get up early,
but we have to,
so we do it,

very slowly

(all apologies to cheech and chong)
Sailor Jupiter Mexican Americans don't only get into gang fights
We like flowers and music,and white girls named Debbie too...
It's been a long time since I've seen that movie...
silentbob how can anyone be illegal? 020514
el chorizon easy, when free market economic policies encourage the use of the cheapest labor to ensure the highest profits and the same policy makers then turn around in order to pander to the racists and xenophobes and set limitations on just how much of that cheap labor we can import.

--Hey Butthead, do you believe in aliens?

--Uhh, i believe in illegal aliens.

--yeah, hehe, well, i believe in mexicans

the people who make all the noise about immigrants taking jobs away from americans conveniently forget that most americans wouldn't touch those jobs in the first place, but why let the facts get in the way of good honest to god paranoia - i don't remember the last time i saw a Pat Buchana supporter working out with the campesinos around here.

nice little bit of hysterical propganda
duyde that's an asshole thing to say

phil daf and tim might as well start having sex, now that they got that little tissy out of the way 020515
el chorizon there was nothing hysterical about my propaganda. i thought if nothing else i was adding a touch of humor to an otherwise loaded debate with the way i expressed my point.

besides, before i got through school, i actually worked picking in the fields and doing landscaping and janitorial and pretty much all those stereotypically mexican jobs and i never once saw any young republicans or members of the john birch society lining up to do any of it, only difference between the majority of my fellow "day laborers" and me was that i was born on this side of the fence and my spanish is pretty weak

you on the other hand labeled me as hysterical and as an asshole without bothering to know or understand where i was making my point from, you just decided that since you lacked anything resembling a real point, you would take a cheap shot, so really, who's the hyterical asshole here?

for many of them, staying in Mexico means slave wages and no future, coming here means slave wages and living in fear of deportation and exploitation in exchange for a glimpse of opportunity if not fot yourself than for your kids,

and it always makes em laugh, in this conservative minded land of ours where rich pampered politicians and talk show hosts always yammer on about responsibility, hard work, self determination and character they set their rules in such steep opposition to those people who, regardless of which boat plane or van they were smuggled here in, actually seem willing to live up to those ideals. Yeah, there are more than a few assholes in every bunch and somebody's gonna set the bad example, but nobody's perfect -- how else do you explain the dubya presidency (erm, i mean the reign of our apopointed King George I)

if we ever did end up with Pat Buchanan's genius idea of giant fortified walls along the mexican border i can guarantee you that the costs of hotel rooms, landscaping and fresh produce would increase to ridiculous levels

the immigration "problem" will never be solved because the "solution" is so economically infeasible as to be laughable

ain't free market economics a bitch?
phil debating you only have propoganda, I've heard before, delivered unwarranted.
Which though I may have said was hysterical...may have been diagnosed with other, more condesending words, but certainly not ever "humor")

besides, before i got through school, i actually worked picking up theaters and serving lunch and janitorial and pretty much all those stereotypically white jobs and i never once saw any young republicans or members of the john birch society lining up to do any of it.

you decided since you were mexican...
are you actually mexican?
that what you said was a relevant point, but it wasn't.

It is true mexico is a poor place, but what do they have to fear from being deported from the U.S.?
Most cases I have heard the mexican was deported after commiting a crime and serving time.

Politicians never talk about responsibility, hard work, self determination, or character. They talk about taxes and economy and Mexican immigrants and....hey wait I think you might be one.
Of course there are rules set in opposition to free immigration.
You don't see me bitching about not being able to get a citensenship from Switzerland.
I see nothing special about mexicans.

Giant fortified walls sound cool. Wow, maybe I could get a job.

I don't find bad economics easy to laugh at, I am sure you study it.
But i would think the mexican system would get some funny looks from the crowd.

ain't free market economics a bitch?
What are you talking about.
El Chorizon Yes, i am a mexican

if you think people are only deported for comitting crimes then you've never been around for the fun of an INS raid.

once, when i was working in the fields, as we were lining up to be paid at the end of a long day, a caravan of INS vans came and the agents proceeded to herd us around checking our id's, the agents were rude and at least a little bit rough, about half of our crew from that field were undocumented and got taken away, from what i eneded up hearing from a couple of people later who had family on both sides, they were kept in detention for a week before taking that time-honored bus-trip down south across la frontera (the border)

and their only real crime was making sure the crop got to market on time, we don't necessarily always deport the criminals until after we've warehoused them for however long their prison sentences are

the fronts are quiet lately (i.e. nothing quite large and deadly enough to merit mainstream american press coverage has happened in a while) but there is, in certain parts of mexico a very real war going on between the government and a largely indian rebel movement, not to mention the wonderful effects that the maquiladoras (large factories) run by some of the big multi-national coroprations have had on the environments in their immediate vicinity

Teh fact of the mater remains that in spite of the efforts of people like Cesar Chavez, most of the farm-workers that are used by the major growers (especially in the western states) are paid substandard (and in may cases sub-minimum) wages with no benefits so that the growers can keep their overheads low and their profits as high as possible

(a bunch of us suspected, during that raid that the company that owned the fields had sicced the INS on the workers themselves since the harvest was winding down and the crew cleaning out the field didn't need to be as large as when we got started)

what am i bitching about?

easy, have you ever been waiting for a ride back from the fields when a truckload of jackoffs decides that it might be fun to throw beercans dirt and rocks at you?

Do you get followed by "loss-prevention" clerks when you go shopping

even though i have no discernible latino accent, there are still places where in spite of the fact that i am a 4th generation american and am more ostensibly american than a lot of people, i can go into some places of business and be spoken to as if i just fell out of the back of one of the coyote trucks

most europeans don't look obviously foreign, and a buddy of mine from england who, from having spent a big chunk of his life in the more ghetto parts of oakland, now sounds black, is my best example

when he and i hang out, everyone assumes i'm the foreigner.

the other part of my contention isn't that mexicans are more special than any other immigrants or anybody else or that there should be free and open immigration, just that this government should be less fucking hypocritical about the issue, but then expecting a politician not to be a hypocrite is almost as much of a stretch as expecting a priest to keep his hands off the altar boys anymore (and yes i was raised catholic so i feel no compunction at making priest jokes either)

why don't mexicans have barbecues?
they can't keep the beans from slipping through the grill

what's one mile long and moves one mile per hour? - mexican funeral with only one set of jumper cables

why were refried beans invented?
ever meet a mexican who didn't fuck things up the first time?

why doesn't mexico have a good olympic team?
because anyone who can run, jump or swim is already here.

i just find it endlessly funny that a nation almost entirely descended from immigrants behaves as if being foreign is a dirty thing

i'll bet there isn't a single native american tribe that doesn't wish they had thought of the idea of immigration control about 500 or so years ago
FNP90 those jokes are funny 020515
silentbob well i dont know because native american's didn't consider it "their" land. they didn't think anyone owned land. the land was it's own and no man could own it.

they probably just wanted to share.
dashboard chorizo i was crackin' a joke there, silentbob

un chiste, if you will.
silentbob oh... 020516
chorizo eat world no prob, bob 020516
Dafremen I miss phil.

What he called debate was more like an involuntary mental crap.

Watching him use his intellect was like seeing a 4 year old drive a van. I didn't even have to pull the bus out of the driveway. Just stand on the curb while he crashes and burns.

One of these days experience is gunna help your feet reach the pedals of that brain of yours phil. Until then, thanks for the show. : )
celestias shadow my friend is half-mexican, half-swedish, all-crazy. he's got a mullet and he's an awesome dancer and i love him to death. rock on mexicans! 030830
angry bitchy texan im really getting sick of the whole "latino" and "hispanic" thing. if your from mexico your mexican, its just that simple. almost everyone who calles them selves "hispanic" doesnt even know where hispanola (sp?) is located. 030831
jake things that make you wanna go hmmm 030901
making a point mexicans are from mexico
spanish are from spain
cuban are from cuba
puerto ricans are from puerto rico

different dialects, different scenery, different countries, different cultures

but a mexican does not come from spain
nor a cuban from puerto rico

just like trailer trash doesn't come from trash right angela? texas, oklahoma,alabama... the list goes on general areas same kind of mind set. Besides you are not given that option on the census
the census asks you if you are mexican or latino????? dorks--
Dafremen Well I'm tired of the whole Caucasian thing to. Where the f*ck are the Caucus Mountains anyhow? Huh, you bitchy angry Texan? Cuz I'm white as f*ck, but I don't know. I guess they're in Rize...but where the HELL is that? So, anyhow:

If folks that speak the closest modern language to Latin decide they wanna be called Latinos, that's just peachy fine with me. If they don't know where the hell Hispanyola is..f*ck it..let 'em be called Hispanics. Seems to me that makes us all even.

Sh*t, you'd think that being from Texas you'd have better things to bitch about. Like why your state has a f*cking speed limit for daytime driving and one for nighttime driving. Why not just set them to the lower of the two? Or hell, with as paper flat as that godforsaken state is, set it to the higher speed limit. In a state so flat that you can see a car coming from 15 miles away, you'd have to be drunk or a Texan(aren't those synonyms?) to get into an accident.
angry bitchy texan " Well I'm tired of the whole Caucasian thing to. Where the f*ck are the Caucus Mountains anyhow? Huh, you bitchy angry Texan? Cuz I'm white as f*ck, but I don't know. "

I dont know where they are either, thats y I call myself white, american, or texan depending on the situation.
Dafremen But you're probably Pinkish tan if anything, brown if you've been in the sun alot, grub translucent if you're old and shut-in. Definitely not white. And American is a nationality, not a race. (Don't get me wrong, I'd like to get rid of any and ALL distinctions.)

Your race and mine is often listed as white, which is a color, not a race, or caucasian in references to the agreed upon origin of our particular ofshoot of the Homo sapiens species. "Hispanic", is the same type of reference. Think of it this way, of the variations in the family Homo redneckus, there are Texans (Homo redneckus superlatum) who originated in Texas and whose peculiar drawl and habits of exaggeration mark a slight divergance from say the South Carolinian(Homo redneckus socordis) line of Homo redneckus who hail from South Carolina and have a rather...shall we say, "relaxed" way about them and a less nasally and abrasive drawl than the average member of H. r. superlatum.

We can tolerate them referring to themselves as Texans and South Carolinians, why shouldn't we tolerate those of Hispanola origin being called Hispanics? Or those of Latin American origin Latinos?
pajaro Hispanic does not denote origin from Hispaniola, "Hispanic" denotes more specifically Iberian origin (Spain and Portugal)

Hispaniola was given the name by the first "Hispanics" in the so-called new-world

Best example i could give you:

My maternal grandfather was born in Texas but his grandparents emigrated from Spain, making him a "Hispanic" of the most obvious variety and his parents pretty much disowned him for marrying a dark skinned native Latina from a little town somewhere near Mexico City.

In other words, me and my dark skin are actually descended at one point, in one of those cute ironies, from a family of racist Europeans.
camille ENTRE plumas que asustan, entre noches,
entre magnolias, entre telegramas,
entre el viento del Sur y el Oeste marino,
vienes volando.

Bajo las tumbas, bajo las cenizas,
bajo los caracoles congelados,
bajo las últimas aguas terrestres,
vienes volando.

Más abajo, entre niñas sumergidas,
y plantas ciegas, y pescados rotos,
más abajo, entre nubes otra vez,
vienes volando.

Más allá de la sangre y de los huesos,
más allá del pan, más allá del vino,
más allá del fuego,
vienes volando.

Más allá del vinagre y de la muerte,
entre putrefacciones y violetas,
con tu celeste voz y tus zapatos húmedos,
vienes volando.

Sobre diputaciones y farmacias,
y ruedas, y abogados, y navíos,
y dientes rojos recién arrancados,
vienes volando.

Sobre ciudades de tejado hundido
en que grandes mujeres se destrenzan
con anchas manos y peines perdidos,
vienes volando.

Junto a bodegas donde el vino crece
con tibias manos turbias, en silencio,
con lentas manos de madera roja,
vienes volando.

Entre aviadores desaparecidos,
al lado de canales y de sombras,
al lado de azucenas enterradas,
vienes volando.

Entre botellas de color amargo,
entre anillos de anís y desventura,
levantando las manos y llorando,
vienes volando.

Sobre dentistas y congregaciones,
sobre cines, y túneles y orejas,
con traje nuevo y ojos extinguidos,
vienes volando.

Sobre tu cementerio sin paredes
donde los marineros se extravían,
mientras la lluvia de tu muerte cae,
vienes volando.

Mientras la lluvia de tus dedos cae,
mientras la lluvia de tus huesos cae,
mientras tu médula y tu risa caen,
vienes volando.

Sobre las piedras en que te derrites,
corriendo, invierno abajo, tiempo abajo,
mientras tu corazón desciende en gotas,
vienes volando.

No estás allí, rodeado de cemento,
y negros corazones de notarios,
y enfurecidos huesos de jinetes:
vienes volando.

Oh amapola marina, oh deudo mío,
oh guitarrero vestido de abejas,
no es verdad tanta sombra en tus cabellos:
vienes volando.

No es verdad tanta sombra persiguiéndote,
no es verdad tantas golondrinas muertas,
tanta región oscura con lamentos:
vienes volando.

El viento negro de Valparaíso
abre sus alas de carbón y espuma
para barrer el cielo donde pasas:
vienes volando.

Hay vapores, y un frío de mar muerto,
y silbatos, y mesas, y un olor
de mañana lloviendo y peces sucios:
vienes volando.

Hay ron, tú y yo, y mi alma donde lloro,
y nadie, y nada, sino una escalera
de peldaños quebrados, y un paraguas:
vienes volando.

Allí está el mar. Bajo de noche y te oigo
venir volando bajo el mar sin nadie,
bajo el mar que me habita, oscurecido:
vienes volando.

Oigo tus alas y tu lento vuelo,
y el agua de los muertos me golpea
como palomas ciegas y mojadas:
vienes volando.

Vienes volando, solo solitario,
solo entre muertos, para siempre solo,
vienes volando sin sombra y sin nombre,
sin azúcar, sin boca, sin rosales,
vienes volando.


Between terrified feathers, between nights
and magnolias and telegrams,
between southerly winds and winds from the sea blowing
West, you come flying

Under grave-plots and ashes,
under the ice on the snail,
under the remotest terrestrial waters,
you come flying.

Deeper still, between girls under fathoms of water,
blind plants and a litter of fish heads,
deeper, still deeper, among clouds once again
you come flying.

Further than blood or than bones,
further than bread; beyond wines,
you come flying.

Beyond vinegar's sting and mortality,
between canker and violets,
in your heavenly voice, with the wet on your shoes,
you come flying.

Over drugstores, committees,
over lawyers and navies, wheels
and the reddened extraction of teeth,
you come flying

Over cities with roofs under water
where notable ladies uncouple the braids of their hair
with lost combs in the span of their hands
you come flying.

Close to the ripening wine in the cellars, with hands tepid and turbid, quiet, with gradual, wooden, red hands
you come flying.

Among vanishing airmen
by the banks of canals and the shadow,
beside lilies now buried,
you come flying.

Among bitter-hued bottles,
rings of anise and accidents, lamenting and lifting your hands,
you come flying.

Over dentists and parishes,
cinemas, tunnels, and ears,
in your newly bought suit, with your eyeballs effaced,
you come flying.

Over that graveyard unmarked by a wall, where even the mariner founders, while the rains of your death fall,
you come flying.

While the rain of your fingertips falls, while the rain of your bones falls, and your laughter and marrow fall down,
you come flying.

Over the flint into which you dissolve,
flowing fast under time, under winter, while your heart falls in droplets,
you come flying.

You are no longer there in the ring of cement, hemmed in by the black-hearted notaries or the horseman's maniacal bones;
you come flying.

Oh, sea-poppy, my kinsman,
bee-clothed guitarist,
all the shadows that blacken your hair are a lie;
you come flying

A black wind from Valparaiso
spreads the charcoal and foam of its wings to measure the sky where you pass:
you come flying.

There are mists and the chill of dead water, and whistles and months and the smell of the rain in the morning and swill of the fishes:
you come flying

There's rum, too, between us, you and I and the soul that I mourn in,
and nobody, nothing at all but a staircase with all the treads broken, and a single umbrella:
you come flying.

And always the sea, there. I go down in the night and I hear you come flying, under water, alone, under the sea that inhabits me, darkly:
you come flying.

I listen for wings and your slow elevation,
while the torrents of all who have perished assail me,
blind doves flying sodden:
you come flying.

You come flying, alone, in your solitude, alone with the dead, alone in eternity, shadowless, nameless, you come flying without sweets, or a mouth, or a thicket of roses,
you come flying.

... Pablo Neruda
star of I'm a texas mexican or is it a mexican texan, whatever, thats what I am. 040202
*Tinkerbell** If there were ever a mexican presidaent in the U.S. I would euther A : shoot myself in the head, B: Move to England or maybe even canida couse you can smoke alot of weed there, or C: shoot he president. I hate dirty ass mexicans with all that I have. They just make everyone's life harder. why dont they just learn damn english, wash more, and try not to shoot people while speakin gin that dirty laugnguage thats half english and half half dirt, holmes.... psh give me a break. fuck them all. Only let the white washed ones stay. 040217
*tinkerbell* Star of, your a texin mexican because your in the U S of A. and not dirty ass mexico. America come first in my book. Welcome to the states. did you family swim here? or get here in mattresses? 040217
*tinkerbell* Star of, your a texan mexican because your in the U S of A. and not dirty ass mexico. America come first in my book. Welcome to the states. did you family swim here? or get here in mattresses? 040217
minnesota_chris wow you're awful tinkerbell

is really a mexican
misstree i love it when people display their ignorance on multiple fronts at once. i would get a bit perturbed if someone were expressing the same sentiments with any level of eloquence or intelligence. as it is, i just get to laugh through the pity. learn English indeed; give it a try some time, tink. 040218
The Spork tinkerbell should learn proper english before she presumes to lecture anyone else about the language.

And only a Severe Idiot like tinkerbell would fail to realize that Texas was a Spanish territory before it was Mexican territory and considering that Spanish presence in the Gulf Coast region predates any of the other European colonies, So there are people with Spanish roots in Texas just as long, if not longer than any of the usual Mayflower crowd. I know some "Mexicans" whose family roots in Texas go back to at least the 1570's, so what's your point, Tinkerbell, You sheet-wearing Asshat

Besides, this country was pretty much all stolen from the native tribes anyway, and I'm sure many of them can raise the argument that the rest of us are the descendents of Smelly, Disease-carrying immigrants who came here on a boat and Fucked Everything up.

putting it all in perspective for you.
minnesota_chris I heard someone saying that Mexicans were on the Plains long before Americans. My thought was, who decided they were Mexicans? Did the Plains Indians even have anything in common with the folk in Teotihuacan?

Minnesota used to be all Lakota and Dakota Sioux. The reason it's not was because the Anishinabe arrived and kicked their butt. Then the British, then the cavalry from Washington...

The history of America is one group of people saying to another "You can't live here anymore" We gotta learn to live together, do what's right for everybody.
witchesrequiem My naeighbors are from mexico and there cool peep, but there 16 year old son is either insane or my neighbors are freaks. He told me that him and his dad like to go down to the swamp and cut off alligator tails and eat them. He said the last one he ate got him sick. then he told me last time they went the game warden found them and was going to fine them or arrest them so his dad fed the warden to the alligators. !!!!

hmmmmm... we don't talk to the neighbor kid any more.
Chris M. I mexican I do freight 060528
Chris M No abla! 060528
Chris Cuz nothing is free in amerika! ayayayayayaya!!!!!! 060528
chris i mexican i do freight 070115
unhinged have been sweet loyal and stabilizing in my experience 070115
el pajaro "chris" you illiterate douchebag, that would be

"No Hablo"

if you say "no habla" you're saying somebody else either doesn't speak english or just doesn't speak period.
alta viscosidad home to best beer companion: the nacho.
place of birth of the most beautiful: Ana de la Reguera.
bird actually, i would like to apologize to all of the pouches of vinegar and water i may have offended by associating them with "Chris" 070116
Chris M. Meeda! Fill quad! 100425
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