ClairE They are sitting in front of me and jiving to my brother's keyboard music.

It's good to be home.
no reason my friend had some and they hatched 031017
. i thought this said mexican_jumping_beast. 031018
seventeen I opened one out of curiosity.
screamed, covered it with a glass and left it there for a really really long time. I'm really really afraid of caterpillars.
pSyche One of the most traumatizing creature related events in my childhood. 070803
pajaro muere, pendejo. 070805
jane when i was really hyper as a kid, my mom would ask me if i had eaten mexican jumping beans for breakfast! and i would laugh my silly little buns off until i was tired. she was a clever one, my madre. 070806
birdmad funny that my advice to the spammer to drop dead here now exists without any context 070806
what's it to you?
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