angelea the long saddness ridden meow that bellows out of neko when he is hungry or wants attentions 980917
scheherazade m. thinks it is my curtains that makes the noise. calico is not just kitties. mewmewmew. 010818
Aaron there was this little kitty that came to my house.. found his way to me.. and all he said was meow meow meow meow meow meow.. all the time.. constantly.. he wouldn't stop.. poor little guy. i already had a cat.. so my mom said no.. now even she says that we should have kept him.. 011110
Or Should I Change? My cat mews when you pick him up. It's a simple sad sound coming from such a small cat. I have to put him down after he does it. 060815
birdmad Tonya's all purpose vocalization, depending on context, it means,

"feed me"
"pet me"
"what was that scary noise outside?"
"be quiet"
"let me 'talk' into your cellphone"

when she wants me to put her down it's usually "nnnRRRRRowwrrrrr"
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