time_warp if you were going to kill someone, how would you do it? why? 040316
knot meat i think i'd stuff their faces with genetically altered cowburgers and carbonated sugar and endless tv spinoffs where they talk about other tv shows on a tv show that will be talked about on other tv shows a day later and my accomplice would be their bosses overworking them at jobs they don't find meaningful. it'd be a real sweet murder, because i'd be hollowing them out into an empty shell, so i'd totally get away with it since no one would be able to tell the difference on the surface. eventually they'd be sitting there and realize what was happening all too late, and they'd call on faculties or feelings they no longer possess, and then just die in a moment of bewilderment while their children or wife or aunts or uncles, or maybe just their dog struggle to make sense of it and eulogize his life as the life to be lived! the grand untouchable life of service and sweetness to state and god! 040316
falling_alone destroy the mind,
the body follows.
what's it to you?
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