stan Bring your problems to the professional metaphysicians and let us make irony work for you 000731
kaskarkaminski The power and resources of nature, the archetypes, should not be used with malign intent. The universe will crash upon the head of anyone who tries. It
is only with love, self knowledge, and trepidation, and a hard hat, that we dare explore the depths, much less beg them to serve us.
kaskarkaminski tarot, stichomancy, the way a leaf falls to the ground even the time of
day, are all tools of the metaphysician
who serves and is served.
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they only kill their Masters I used to be a witch but I've lost all of my power so I do things normally like others without magic

i don't know what happened to it
the POWER just died, what more can I say?
what's it to you?
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