Q saw a trillion mesons in the morning but only thirty-three anti-tachyons in the afternoon, so got a mirror and saw that the mirror-image of that was just the opposite, and then went looking for charm but found nothing but anti-gluons and dangling infinites but love is all the matters in the universal scheme of matter and anti-matter so I know that even if anti-grain comes to prevail and makes your hair even more beautiful than it is we will work it out, yes we will. here's an anti-comb in case you forget all your grains when we look in the mirror together tomorrow morning. and, yes, the cello music is more magnificent that even you could, if you be anti-matter, anti-imagine. they play violins next to the goddess of anti-heaven too I'm sure, so I've bought my reverse anti-ticket already the month before last sundays. 000127
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