psilo extraction is a bitch ...
exploration makes me itch ...
the taste of conception
with an empty kitchen
around an open fire
gives me chills of fuzzy feels
Sim Wow! Just the other day I was having a conversation with someone about the last time we recall hearing about someone doing this drug. I must've been, like, 15. My pal said it was the best f*cking high he'd ever had, and he'd do it again in a heartbeat if he could just find some. We marveled at how evil drugs like coke remain popular, while nifty sh!t like mescaline goes out of style. Hmmm. 011001
a little bird just a thought..

if you ever tried blow... then you might have an idea of why snow is so popular... but trying it is not something i would recomend...
smoked Spork The government entities have too much vested interest in the cocaine trade to ever let it fall completely off of the map. They spend millions to tell us how horrible it is (and that part is true) but at the same time keeping the flow of it contained to certain levels keeps prices at suitable highs allowing the dealers to make enough money that it is worth the while of the government to seize their assets and profit from the sale and then to use the public support for these campaigns to fund programs like DARE which do nothing to decrease drug use, but do wonders for keeping the language of "anti-drug" propagandists readily available to the public.

As a cigarette smoker, i always wonder how much of the anti-drug propaganda is paid for by tobacco money

After all, for the billions they lose in lawsuits, you know that keeping their corner of the market on legalized addiction must be a relentless job
Roaul Duke i have processed and extracted at least 20 doses for myself let alone for other people, its one of my favorite drugs. 060618
Roaul Duke it taste horrible though 060618
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