kingsuperspecial the pill eats me
every morning
as I stand at the mirror
I find my world is stuck
between chemicals and pain
do they cause burns?
will this end?
can I ask it to?
if only there was nothing
nobody would feel a void
and I would be free.
but instead I am tied

love finds me in the dark
and I am obligated to function
so the chemicals come
connections in my head
broadcasting hate, fear, and doubt
wrapped in medicine
perserving my life
saving it
from myself
distorted tendencies I think I'm going to start on Celexa again. I have no control anymore. Somebody_Save_Me. 020302
unhinged he dared scream of hypocrisy
when everyday he took so many pills
that when he wasn't taking them
because he hadn't had time to get the prescriptions refilled
that none of us recognized him
those things aren't always safe
and i wanted to yell and hit him
and make him see
they were killing him
pill by pill
but i was also medicated
in a very different way
and i could only mutter
"what did you say?!"
with only the slightest exclamation point
he used to do the same
he used to want to be in love with me
but he wasn't and he didn't know why
and he went to oregon
and found what was easy
and brought her back
i don't talk to him anymore
because in his mind
i wasn't allowed to be medicated too
because i wouldn't trust the doctors
to 'help' me
i wanted him to
Ivonna She grabbed the different flasks filled with pills, different colors, different reactions...
She piles them up on the coffee table, by color, by amount, by need. Them she went in the kitchen, poured herself a big glass of fresh water.
At first, one by one, but the water started to become scarce and she began to grab four, five, six at a time. Suddenly, down she went.
Lights out and all.
Good bye, good night. I won't see you later.
Freak One more medicated peaceful moment. 020506
BloodyRedVelvet Whatever it takes baby.
Got anything stronger?
Mail it.
a thimble in time Why do I feel trapped in a world bent on taping bigger and better band-aids over real and imagined wounds?

And no one is immune...
what's it to you?
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