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xipe totec excerpt: The Popol Vuh

Hunter and Jaguar/deer (One and Seven) in the land of the Dead and their trials at the hands of the lords of the underworld who were, in those days free to come and go between Xibalba and this World

"...and so the twins (the son and father --were they somehow both?) were forced to endure the next trial:

a night in the house of knives.

The seven lords of Xibalba sealed them in, sure that they had done away with the twins once and for all and during the night the son/brother/Seven was killed, but the father/brother emerged the next morning when the door was sealed.

The seven lords laughed when they saw that Seven/Jaguar-Deer was dead
but One/Hunter was crafty, yes.
Took the pieces of him and put them back together and as he was finished, behold Seven/Jaguar-Deer arose and bowed respectfully to the lords of Xibalba (they were powerful)

The Lords clamored amongst themselves, amazed that they had killed the son/brother and he lived again.

"Do this to us!"
They shouted, gleefully
"Kill us and bring us back to life!

Oh won't you please?"

The lords of Xibalba were insistent and would not stop their outcry until Hunter and Jaguar-Deer agreed to do it.

But that was their trick.
(they were sneaky)
They killed the Seven Lords but did not bring them back to life.

And it was then that they found the way back to the world...

...but the road was long
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