User24 neo will kill himself in the matrix 3. 030612

User24 no, neo will kill himself.

at the end of reloaded, the architect tells neo a few important things;

1) the matrix has to be rebooted
2) the function of the one is to facilitate this by return to the source
3) the one contains the programming code for the matrix

thus, we can safely assume that the plan is;

fool neo into believing he is helping destroy the matrix by returning to the source

while neo is at the source, destroy the existing matrix

take the programming code from neo, and use it to start the matrix again

however, this didn't work this time, and neo has decided not to allow 'them' to do this, thus, the matrix cannot be rebooted

neo will realise that his entire existance, and everyhing he knows of, even Zion, is part of the matrix.

knowing that he contains the code to the matrix, he will realise that the only way to destroy the matrix, is to destroy himself.
superdupermatrixfreakofnature ah, good point. 030613
shivers i refuse to beleiev u!!
neo cant die, i know wut u say makes sense but hes the ONE!! :'( u make me sad
methinx he's died once already, big woot! 030613
god what the fuck is the matrix? 030613
x it's an advanced coordination system for skydiving rabbit specifically designed so that they crash into each other at the exact right velocity to reach the vanishing_point 030613
megan ok, guys think about it
the matrix is modeled after Christianity
every piece fits.
neo, being Jesus, is "the One". he's already died once and come back to life. now all he needs to do in the third is stay in zion for eternity.
The Oracle "...and the one that's really going to bake your noodle: Would you have still broken the vase if I hadn't told you it was there? 030614
Thibilent ethhh ...but, gut this.

Neo contains the code for t he matrix, right?
And this whole thing has happened six times before right?
-----almost right.

This time neo merged with agent smith and "some part of him" was copied into agent smith. Maybe all that was copied was neo's revival ability, but htink about it. agent smith is now going around "reshaping the matrix as he sees fit", maybe through tricks we haven't seen before, but still he's using neo's claim to fame.

neo might not be one, but one of many...
getting Axel to the hard-line BUM IN SEWERS
"Seventy-two hours!"


"Seventy two hours! That's how long it took for it all to go down last time, for Zion to be destroyed. I'm not really saying anything more, I'm just a spectator along for the ride"
a thimble in time Have you ever considered life after an orgy?
We already live in a post-apocalyptic world. Open your mind...
User24 neo.. one of many... good idea, that would offer some deeper meaning to the many screens with many neos when neo meets the architect..

anyone seen the animatrix? pretty good, isn't it..
kss when he said "there is no spoon" I almost cried. think of all that ice cream ... 030623
User24 I know!, it's like, shit, man, no more spoons, forks or sporks! 030625
User24 Thibilent ethhh, yeah, the whole Agent Smith thing is a little confusing. 030625
stork daddy i think the jesus connections make it all perfectly clear that some type of sacrifice will have to be made if eternal regress is to be avoided. 030625
eyedream There are some who mock the "philosophy" presented by the Matrix. So some extent I agree. It's a movie and it stars Keanu Reeves, it has big guns and neat effects. I say, enjoy the fact that the Matrix series is one of the few newer films that offers some higher/deeper thought, but don't shape your life off of it's principles. It's philosophy is more basic (and unoriginal) than many realize, if you do some reading up. Maybe this will all make you hate me, but would you rather I pretended to agree? Somewhat Matrix-y, isn't it?

grins at her puzzling hypocrisy
minnesota_chris I didn't like Matrix 2. I really liked Matrix 1, though. It just seemed better... orchestrated? You felt like you were there, smelling Neo's sweat, getting judo kicked by Morpheus, lying at the bottom of the stairs, gritting your teeth and saying "Get up, Trinity, GET UP!"

Quite often I found myself saying in Reloaded, "what is the point here?"
surely? the point is that it's not yet complete. 030625
marclart marclart, your marclart are wise and true. 030625
Flowers from Safeway I agree that the metaphysical philosophy is unoriginal, but you must admit it's rare to see metaphysics and science meld so well into a story(especially a movie). Gordon Dickson is also very good at combining these elements. But smart science fiction has been practically non-exsistant in cinema, which is why the matrix was so mind-blowing for many people.

I did like Animatrix. Seeing Reloaded afterward was cool because there are several references to things that happen in the cartoons.
hackercode() I agree with flowers. 030630
splat what was up with the girl wanting to kiss Neo? That was so unnecessary 030630
karl the weed the animatrix was really incredibly cool. i liked it almost as much as reloaded (almost) 030630
User24 eyedream; I agree, while it is refreshing to have a film that embraces philosophy, and in such an accessible way, it's unfortunate that the philosophy is so basic; the 'maybe we aren't even here at all' and 'what is "here"?' questions are as old as the hills, but nonetheless, ones that need to be asked in order to embark upon a philosophical journey.

hopefully, with the completion of the saga, will come more philosophical pondering in general.
u24 matrix revolutions...
well.. that was interesting.
once agian interesting is a very apt word, but it lacks a whole lotta something. Wasn't bad... but it was interesting. 031108
-Succubus- I heard it really blew goats. It turned the biggest Matrix fan I know against the whole saga. ...frowns... I -love- the Matrix, so, I'm not too excited about watching this one if its going to turn me against the whole thing. I think I'll wait for it to come on Pay-Per-view. ...frowns more... I hope I'm surprised. 031109
krazykat The idea that they're sucking so much money up from people obsessed with the Matrix by turining it into a 3-part special-effects extravaganza makes me want to vomit. The first one was great, though.

Get out of the Matrix, people!!
krazy The Matrix contained watered down philosophy that was lost after the first one. Allegory of the cave? Plato? 031109
Strideo is it just me, or were they so busy trying to make the battle for Zion look cool and dramatic that they forgott to put the right kind of effort and focus on the things that really mattered?

we were so caught up in what all the minor characters were up to that we forgott that all the major characters were doing somthing lame. Morpheous is riding shotgun on a crazy ride back to Zion. Neo, for some reason, has to go to the machine city. Trinity is just there to be Neo's love intrest and side kick during a scuffle with Agent Smith. Said scuffle is really just set up to show us Neo doesn't need eyes to see the machines.

hmm, most of what really atracted me to the first movie has completely vanished by the third. oh well, there's always the special effects. "oooh, aaah . . ."

actually, i was thinking it would be really funny if Neo just crawled out of the wreckage of his ship upon arrival at the machine city and simply unpluged the matrix from a wall socket.

Death of a Rose oh shit....that was a good hurt..thanks strideo

haven't seen it yet, but i will go regardless.....(ooooohhhh and some aaaaahhhhhs to boot)
superdupermatrixfreakofnature well he didn't kill himself. 040722
zspookster karl, you LIKED reloaded? lmao. 040808
u24 freakofnaure; I don't even know what happened in matrix3. let's pretend it's not been released yet, ja? 041125
falling_alone somehow i found it rather funny after reading this earlier my father brings it up later today wanting to rent it...

me: "but we already saw it in the movies"
dad: "it was a masterpiece! just becuase you're the only one who didn't like the ending doesn't mean we can't rent it "
me: "oooooh no, i know many who didn't like the ending"
dad: "what was wrong with the ending"
me: "neo didn't have to die! and trinity..."
dad: "neo didn't die"
me: "yes he did"
dad: "..."
dad: "well, i liked it. if anyone disagrees with you tell them it was good becuase it ended the way your dad wanted it to!"
neesh i like to defend the second and third matrix films, but i do think the first was better. i don't know where i heard the idea, but soon after the first one, i heard that the trilogy had the cycle of birth, life and death in it, so i always assumed neo would die in the third one.

i think the birth of a hero, when they don't know what they're doing, what's going on, when you see them doubt and fear and even fail, is much more interesting to see than the life of a fully-fledged amazing untouchable hero. because we can't really relate to the latter. we can say, "wow, that's cool," but we can't feel their plight. a superhero just isn't as endearing as an ordinary person (who becomes a superhero by the end).

as for philosophically, it introduced me to baudrillard at any rate. the sequels disappointed many because zion didn't turn out to be an illusive unreality too, another programme, and i must admit, i would have found that more interesting too. reading, "taking the red pill", however, the idea presented in the first one is that even the real world is a simulacrum in itself, without the need for computers controlling our minds. after all, baudrillard wasn't hypothesising along the evil demon theory, he was talking about the world we live in, and calling it a copy of a copy.

but i would certainly agree that reloaded and revolutions had less philosophy in them. they were different. i guess many people wanted them to be the same, but they weren't, they were different. the first had a lot of religious allusion/allegory/intertext perhaps to it, while the second was firmly placed in fairytale. i mean, how fairytale is the moment he brings trinity back to life? and the enemies are werewolves, banshees and vampires (the woman who got neo to kiss her was a vampire of sorts). does it follow propp? i never really thought about it. but i guess most action films do. in any case, my love for reloaded was cemented by this fairytale undertone to it. (btw, i don't think neo is "one of many" as regards the countless smiths, but as matt said to me, "the one" against "the many")

as for the third one, it belonged to mythology. pure, exalted mythology, which i also love. i just love the idea of the hero offering himself as a sacrifice to the gods, for the sake of his people. a champion among men. (as for blindness, i thought it was very cool, and the theme of vision and deception is evident there; even without eyes, neo has true sight.)

anyway, i had many more ideas on this a looong time ago, and remember only the gists of them now.
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