thestoryteller> Mastery, mmm, can one say that they have mastered anything, while time progresses? Time is a key factor in the mastery of anything. 031202
hsg intensity of attention is more important than time
Tw = tW
practice intense attention
you live unforever
the eternal lesson: live infinitely now
thieums I mastered something once
Only to discover it was completely useless
Now I am switching career
Will I master something else
And start the cycle all over again?

There should be another way...
unhinged artistry_vs_mastery ?

(maybe on red)
hsg "an open_heart for the mind to see: if you love the path all effort is free."
(copyright hsg 2003 I believe.)
hsg I do believe thaT(HEart) is the k_I_n_d of thing that can be mastered. nature has a failsafe. intelligence is revealed as peace is PUTogether. th ink about it... that I want to express is that all systems break down and redesign until they link thought and light which yield continue yes, kindness. detours are miracles, an automatic transmission shifting your perception's fears into functional gears.
we feared towards happiness now we'reg ear ede sig ned uca ted to operate & focus on a morewarding play heart.

the bridge between apprenticeship and mastery cannot be met without leaving behind fear & misconception.
hsg * play_of_heart 080524
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