the sailing goddess please sir, may i have another? 030714
ferret she gave me one :) 030714
mandin6ostar i get one on every full moon. this full moon seems to be lasting longer than usual 030716
x massage my head until it splits 030716
p massage |məˈsä zh; -ˈsäj|
the rubbing and kneading of muscles and joints of the body with the hands, esp. to relieve tension or pain : massage can ease tiredness and jet lag | a massage will help loosen you up.
verb [ trans. ]
1 rub and knead (a person or part of the body) with the hands.
• ( massage something in/into/onto) rub a substance into (the skin or hair).
• flatter (someone's ego) : I chose a man who massaged my bruised ego.
2 manipulate (figures) to give a more acceptable result : the accounts had been massaged and adjusted to suit the government.
massager noun
ORIGIN late 19th cent.: from French, from masser ‘knead, treat with massage,’ probably from Portuguese amassar ‘knead,’ from massa ‘dough.’

her physical therapy includes massage rub, rubdown, rubbing, kneading, palpation, manipulation, pummeling; body rub, back rub; shiatsu, reflexology, acupressure, hydromassage, Swedish massage, osteopathy; effleurage, tapotement.
1 he massaged her tired muscles rub, knead, palpate, manipulate, pummel, work.
2 the statistics have been massaged alter, tamper with, manipulate, tweak, doctor, falsify, juggle, fiddle with, tinker with, distort, change, rig, interfere with, misrepresent; informal fix, cook, fiddle.
In_Bloom Better than the words, "I love you"

Well kind of...
unhinged i started a membership at the place where my old roommate is the manager. i love the girl that is my therapist. they gave me a free massage as part of my membership to give to a friend. not sure who to give it to. the first person that came to mind might be taken aback a little after all thats been passing between us recently. 081007
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