love are my dark secret i want to eat your skin 020222
dark eyelashes alone in shower i know you
crave you
yummyC she bent my applicator brush and it did wonders. Why did I not think of that before? Shoshawna is a genius.

Or just has common sense and wears mascara.
lady lunchbox don't wear it, except when i want to feel naughty. 020223
niki the only make up that i can't live without...i have long lashes but mascara makes them even makes me feel feminine 020223
jane no wonder
is derived from it
jane actually, it means mask 030602
pobodys nerfect Something I don't wear. I just hate the feel of it. Sometimes when I want my eyelashes to look a little more noticeable,I make a teeny amount of vaseline and make a very thin layer of it on my index finger, then just hold it up to my lashes and "brush" it on. It has a much lighter feel than mascara. 030602
endless desire i don't wear much make up
and often i don't wear any at all.
but i love mascara.
my eyes feel boring with out.
though i have been told i am one of the few who actually looks just fine without makeup.
i think everyone looks beautiful without makeup.
but i think it is funny that people say things like, "makeup! who has time for makeup?" well i don't know how long it takes you to put on makeup but it really doesn't take me all that long.
nomatter no one has seen me without make up in a very long time. even my family. tis the only way i can properly hide 030916
User24 [this one goes out to you TK]

I used to wear make up; black eyeliner, lipstick and, less frequently, white base.

sometimes we'd paint black designs on our faces and arms, and then, I'd march out of the ladies toilet, with Linds, Trev and Chris, in similar attire.

fun days.
TK That sounds -so- wickid fun!
your mom musta had a fit though! *L*
misstree tonight is the night when, every week, i actually bother with makeup, even mascara (though when combined with old contacts and smot poking makes for angry eyeballs), occasionally black acrylic paint, and usually something with miles of cleavage, and go writhe with the pretty dead people.


now for a nap, some energy drinks, and some spirytus...
c c 040925
whatever my saviour 050816
unhinged i have quite a collection of different formulas and brands

when i lived in milwaukee, too far away from a good mall, i would buy myself new mascara to cheer myself up.

anything that draws attention to my eyes makes me happy.
what's it to you?
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