silentbob Freak Of The Week
Marvelous 3
I spend a lot on all the clothes that I got
Cuz all the geeks that I meet
they all look kooler than me
What to do when they're all looking at you
Cuz you're the freak of the week
cuz you're on the TV

Can you make me a promise
Stop it before we begin
Will you hold onto me head
If I ever lose it again

I've got a shrink
I swear he's elvis I think
He wears the koolest suede shoes
when I come in with the blues
He thinks it's all about culture and art
but the truth of it is, that it rips me apart

Tell me I sold out
Tell me I sold out go ahead
anti-social butterfly silentbob- how have you heard of marvelous3? i thought only people in atlanta had heard of them. anyway, freak of the week is fun, but is one of my least favorite songs of theirs. they were the first concert i ever went to, and set way too high a standard for rock shows, because i have been disappointed by most other bands in concert. they are one of the most pop bands i listen to, but they are awesome. one of the only shows i can go to without needing or even wanting alcohol or weed to interfere with the whole experience. their shows have sooo much energy and they rock so hard, that you can't help but have an awesome time and smile and laugh, no matter how depressed you may have been before the show. too much rock for one hand! and they are the nicest, most down to earth, yet crazy guys. i have met them and talked to them a couple of times. they are just so much fun. marvelous3 rocks! the hardest rocking live rock band out there! too bad they have broken up and will no longer play together again. i am so depressed. oh well, butchwalker is doing solo stuff now and i love him. 011104
Jenna I went to their last concert in Atlanta and actually cried at the end I could not believe it. Later I got to touch Butch Walker (on his arm, you pervs) as I begged him to sign my freeloader card but he had to leave. *sigh* I miss them. I am *such* a groupie. 011105
SuicidalAngel When they were here in Duluth Mn I went to thier concert. I thought everyone has heard of them. I dunno they were here with Dynamite Hack and A, who were also really good. But yeah they had an awsome show. It was in a tiny hall.. hardly even an auditorium, but they were all climbin all over and excited.. but they were late! They had to stop at burger king or something first, so they were like 2 mins late, but it was okay! I got two guitar pics, they had a different guitarist though. Jayce is the name on one of my pics. I was so close, I wish I would have snuck a camera in, I'd show you the pics cuz I was in the very front. I hope they come back.. 011105
anti-social butterfly marvelous3 is prolly the band that makes me act the most groupie-like. the show gets me so excited that by the end i am a really nervous and excited groupie when meeting them. the first time i met butch i got his autograph and i acted like a total teeny-bopper groupie. i was like, "i love you, i love you." i was suuuuuch a dork. the second time, i got my picture with him, and it's a really good picture. that time i only sort of acted like a dork. all i can say is i am glad that he does not know how much of a dork i am and that i know his birthday is november 14th. the sad thing is that i know a lot about him, like i know where he lives and i have his cell phone number. but i must resist the urge to call or be obsessed groupie like, just because i have been in love with butch for years and want to have his babies!!! okay, see Jenna, i am such a groupie, i just try to pretend i am not though. oh, but in most recent run-ins with butch i have been very normal, i am so proud of myself. i met him in little five at criminal records and talked to him for a really long time. he hadn't shaved or anything and looked less sexy than usual so it was easier to act cool. then he told me about a show he was playing at where he would be a surprise guest. i went and mainly local musicians were on stage as well as in the audience. i made friends with these guys who are in two different local bands and they are friends with butch. yay! oh, and jj, the guy who has played guitar with them on tour, i met him. he is in a band called eliot james and the snakes. we went after the last cotton club show and smoked a bowl and then he kissed me twice. yum! great concert experience. oh, anyway, the more you meet people, the more you are able to hold back acting like a total groupie. and jenna, i almost cried at their last show, but i couldn't breathe. i was in the very front row at on the bricks and since it was free all these asshole guys just showed up creating massive moshpits. now, i don't mind a moshpit at a punk show or whatnot. but marvelous3 shows are about everyone having a good time. i was on the ground with four people on top of me at one point and i lost my shoe, and i could not breathe and the security guards had to pull me over the front. that sucked! my last time to see marv3. but at least i got to go to their last one at the cotton club. i cried after that show. 011105
thefuckingmarv3groupie k, jenna, do you see how much of a freakin' groupie i am, that i wrote all this about marvelous3? i am such a loser groupie! anyway, the band consists of butch walker (lead vocals, guitar), jayce (bass), slug (drums), and honorary member for two years jj (rhythm guitar). i was talking to butch a couple of weeks ago about his new solo stuff. he said that jj wants to work with him and slug wants to work with him. so the butch walker solo band may be the same band as marv3 but without jayce since he left to work with his wife, chrystina lloree. butch said that anyone who likes marvie music should prolly like his solo work. as always, it will be full of just having a good time. 011105
anti-social butterfly i'm gonna put some of my fave lyrics here, i know, i gotta get over my marvie obsession:

vampires in love
september '57, it was a very good year/ that's when i met heaven, and all the smoke came clear/i didn't see it coming, i was a very dumb kid/nobody ever kissed me, quite like the way that you did
and now you know that i suck at this, and you suck at it too/and now we're nothing more than vampires in love
(chorus)and i'm wide awake and you're wide awake/and i don't think that i'm getting tired at all
this is the brightest sunlight, my shades will do me no good/i ain't a morning person, but i'd be one if i could/and cause of us i just stay up at night/and watch stupid movies till the tv is whit/so we're nothing more than vampires in love/chorus
anti-social butterfly lemonade

you walked into the bathroom, to wash your troubles away/you always seem to go in there about 20 times a day/i dropped you off at your therapist, where you walked across the street/to the neon lights wiht the purple door, where you passed out on your feet/don't think i don't see it at all, the beautiful high and the sobering fall begin/it's a kick ass day, wish you were here, send a postcard telling me when you'll be here again/cuz i can't get through to you
chorus:there's a lot i could say, there's a lot i could do/if i had it my way, but i don't and you do/makes me throw up to say, that i cared at all/i gave a lot, and now i'm shot/and shit like that's like sour lemonade
i tried to call your favorite bar, but i got a drunk australian/he talked a million miles an hour, but i can't tell what he's saying/something about a song by KISS, and how they watched you piss yourself away/as the glass goes crashing to the floor, from th phone booth, i hear more delay/cuz i can't get through to you/chorus
anti-social butterfly grant park

go and take a ride to her shop in grant park/you can walk through the door and shove the knife in her heart/when you tell her that you can't stand the song anymore/the one you two adopted on the prom dance floor/you can be a tom cruise and make a big scene/or be like McGyver and cut it clean/either way there's gonna be blood on the floor/when you tell her that you don't dig girls anymore
chorus: anymore (i can believe it)
here's a funny story bout a singer named jed/he caught his girlfriend with a singer in bed/they were watching loveline with a bottle of wine/having a party like it's 1999/so he threw down the movies and he had a heart attack/he jumped in the ocean and he never swam back/they just stood there naked, except for their socks/feeling cheaper than a prize in a cracker jack box/i don't think jed's really gonna wanna rock anymore/(chorus)
bridge:check the exposure, something's wrong with this picture/i can't see the truth for all of the dirty lies/check the exposure, something's wrong with this picture/all in all your gonna lose your mind
there's a little story that you're gonna adore/kinda like the lost scene on the cutting room floor/it's all fun and games til you get a black eye/you're down in the sewer asking all the rats, why?/you can live and love and lie and cheat if you wish/but you know, that's about as tacky as a satellite dish/on a hot pink house with a burgunday door/with cigarette butts all over the floor/i don't think my stomach's gonna take anymore/(chorus)
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