moonshine Magnolia within my mind 010109
Effingham Fish Is there any other kind than orange? Why make a word just for one fruit? 011206
young pretender you can get lemon and lime marmalade. i used to be addicted to lime marmalade sandwiches, but now cannot stand it unless i am only semi-concious (ie, first thing in the morning) 040308
numme trois fruits 040309
elisabeth42 Spread a very small amount on a waffle. I'm talking tiny here, only enough to barely add flavor. It's good. I'm convinced it's the whole point of marmalade, like the secret meaning behind it. Now you know. Spread the wisdom! Or... the marmalade. Or whatever. I need sleep. :) 040523
pSyche marmalade spread
on apples with jelly,
apples with jelly.
marmalade spread
on apples with jelly
makes me feel so good!

mmm, mmm!
what's it to you?
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